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With its residency programmes the Goethe-Institut creates a space for new perspectives to occur. Fittingly in the age of globalisation it is especially inspirational for creative artists to anchor their work to very specific places for a period, while pursuing their projects free from financial pressure, and whilst building and deepening their professional networks.

Anna Taina-Nielsen: Sign of WorkPhoto: Diana Lindbjerg
Baumwollspinnerei © Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig

Open Call "Nordic Leipzig" 2023 - frist 30. september 2022

I samarbeid med LIA (Leipzig International Art Programme) tilbyr Goethe-Institut et tremåneders residensopphold på kunst- og kultursenteret Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei til nordiske kunstnere, fra 1.februar til 30. april 2023. 

Spinnerei Neonreklame Photo: Uwe Walter, 2006

Nordic Leipzig

In collaboration with the Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA) the Goethe-Institut offers a three-month long residency at the Art and Culture Centre Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei to Nordic artists.