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Arts and Film
Open House 2019

Arts and Film


Listen to German literature through a theatrical reading of two German works of contemporary literature presented by the artist group, Sipat Lawin Inc.

The theatrical reading which is presented in English will be a dialogue between two German books of clashing ideas - "Language of the Birds“ of the renowned German author, Norbert Scheuer, which tells the story of a German soldier in Afghanistan and a moving look at the all-too-human costs of war, and Heinz Helle’s philosophical dystopia, "Euphoria“, which tells an austere, troubling tale of how quickly men become beasts.

Language of the Birds Norbert Scheuer Language of Birds (Die Sprache der Vögel)
By Norbert Scheuer, 2015
A tragic accident has driven Paul Arimond far from home, to war-ravaged Afghanistan in 2003. Seeking atonement in his work as an army paramedic, Paul remains haunted by guilt and grief. His fascination with the local wildlife provides precious respite, but Paul’s birdwatching logs quickly become an intimate journal, unlocking stories of the life and people he left behind. And of his indomitable ancestor Ambrosius Arimond, who traversed Afghanistan two centuries earlier. This lyrical, meditative novel asks what it might take to outrun the relentless presence of the past.

Euphoria Heinz Helle Euphora (Eigentlich müssten wir tanzen)
By Hein Helle, 2015
What becomes of us when all we have left is survival?
Somewhere in the Austrian Alps, a gourd of men in their thirties has gathered for a weekend away. When they come down from their cabin, the world has ended.
As the men wander through the destroyed landscape, Euphoria’s nameless narrator reveals only small, shocking details - a crashed helicopter, a child sitting impassively beside its murdered parents, a provincial nightclub full of charred bodies.
Seeking food and fuel for the fire but finding only pointless ruins, the men realize that all they have left is their lives. And are those really worth anything in a world where their future has crumbled away, their past remains only as an empty taunt and their presence is reduced to the monotonous trudge of survival?
An austere, troubling tale of how quickly men become beats, Euphoria explores the repressed savagery of human nature and the disturbing meaninglessness of a world run free from society’s restraints.

5:00pm - 5:30pm
Ground Floor, Bremen

On-site pre-registration required.

Immerse yourself in the world of German independent cinema as we show two movies based on real-life events! The audio will be in German but don't worry 'cause we'll provide English subtitles!

Wir sind jung, wir sind stark (We Are Young. We Are Strong.)
  • Wir sind jung, wir sind stark_1

  • Wir sind jung, wir sind stark_2

  • Wir sind jung, wir sind stark_3


In a prefabricated apartment block, unemployed young people fight against their boredom and frustrations. At night they riot against police and foreigners. The clashes become so threatening that the authorities decide to evacuate the Roma from Romania who are housed in a home for asylum seekers. The Vietnamese remain as potential victims in the so-called sunflower house. The riots escalate, but the police disappears, a night of violence occurs - in front of a gawking and applauding crowd.
The movie “We are young. We are strong.” fictionalizes the riots that happened in Rostock in 1992, which were some of the worst that happened in post-war Germany. The topic seems very timely when the movie was released in 2015 since the number of refugees in Germany experienced an all-time high just as the number of xenophobic attacks increased tremendously.

Watch the trailer here.

Der Ganz Große Traum (Lessons of a Dream)
  • Der Ganz Große Traum_1

  • Der Ganz Große Traum_2

  • Der Ganz Große Traum_3


Based on the true story of the teacher and football pioneer Konrad Koch, "Lessons of a Dream" tells of the beginnings of the football game in Germany and of a school class that grows into a real team when the new teacher infects them with his football fever. The journey through time leads into an epoch in which schools were still dominated by " discipline and order " and football was described in the media as an "English disease".

Watch the trailer here.
1:00pm - 3:00pm (Wir sind jung, wir sind stark)
3:00pm - 5:00pm (Der Ganz Große Traum)
4th Floor, Hamburg

On-site pre-registration required.
Every time you learn a new language, you open up a new world – hence, Languages without Borders. Get creative and hands-on with our miniature Berlin wall. Write a word you learned today! Paint a picture of what the language means to you! It can be anything you can think of.

11:00am - 5:30pm
4th floor, Berlin