Courses for children and young people

Experience and use the language actively through roleplay, interviews and projects. Teaching is tailored to suit the age group, with plenty of variety.

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Illustration: Kinder an einem Whiteboard
  • Courses for children (aged 9-12)
  • Courses for young people (aged 12-15)
  • Play-oriented and interactive

Our courses

Courses for children

  • Aged 9-12
  • 15 weeks
  • once a week

Courses for young people

  • Aged 12-15
  • 15 weeks
  • Once a week

Matura preparation

Blick von oben auf Schüler*innen an Einzeltischen, die gerade eine Prüfung schreiben.

Matura preparation

These courses prepare school students specifically for the Polish Matura exam in German (at level B1 or C1).

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