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Contact and information

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Language Office

Interested in one of our language courses or need further information? Feel free to drop in to our language course office for some personal advice.
The language course office is open again:
Mondays to Wednesdays: 09.00–18.00 hrs.
Thursdays: 09.00–17.00 hrs. (tel. until 18.00 hrs.)
Fridays: 09.00–16.00.


Goethe-Institut Warschau
ul. Chmielna 13A
Tel. +48 22 505 9042

Current Information

Due to renovation work, access to the Goethe-Institut in Warsaw on Wednesday, 20.10.2021, will only be possible from 4 pm onwards. The course office will be available from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm by telephone and email only.

General Information

Signing up for the courses takes place through our online store (Webshop). After signing up for the course, you will receive a payment request. Please pay by bank transfer within 3 days.


If a third party pays for the course, e.g. a company, please sign up for the course directly at the Language Course Office and provide the payer's details on the same day.
For procedural reasons, the Goethe-Institut may only issue an invoice to the payer of the service. Payment must be made by the payer (company). The invoice will be issued after payment and sent electronically.
If you have never learned German, please choose A1.1 course without a placement test in our online store (Webshop).

If you continue your learning, you are invited to take a placement test. The test is free. Please sign up for the test in our online store (Webshop).
After submitting your application you will receive an automatic notification with a link and an access code to the written part of the placement test.
After completing the written part, we will send you by e-mail a link to the online form, through which you may choose the date of the oral test.
Please choose the date of the oral part no later than 2 days before the date of the test.
On the basis of our placement test, we can issue an official certificate of language proficiency (cost: PLN 150).
Please fill in the form below. After receiving the form, we will send you by e-mail a link to the website, where can choose the date of the test. The tests take place via Zoom, last about 20 minutes and are free of charge.
After completion of the placement tests (i.e. after 13.09), we will let you know which courses will start or we will offer you additional courses if the placement tests form a group of at least 6 people at the same language level and in the same age group.
Einstufungstest für Kinder und Jugendliche – Anmeldeformular The next placement tests for children and teenagers will take place on the following days:
25.08 - 15.00-18.00;
27.08 - 11.00-14.00;
01.09, 06.09, 08.09, 13.09 - 16.00-19.00

Deutsch online group

Enrolment: 04.10 - 13.10.21
Duration: 18.10. - 17.12.21

Exam preparation courses

Enrolment: until 04.11.2021
Level B1: 10.11.21 - 02.02.22, mon., 17.45-19.15
Level B2: 06.11.21 - 29.01.22, sat., 12.30-14.00
Level C2: 06.11.21 - 29.01.22, sat., 14.15-15.45
Principles and organisation of courses during covid

Dear students,
Learning in the winter semester 2021/22 will take place remotely via Zoom messenger and stationary depending on the group.

The timetable for our full-time courses in the winter term 2021/22 is designed to minimise the risk of infection.

For safety reasons we have introduced the following rules:
  1. To limit the spread of the virus, people entering the Institute will have their temperature measured. People who are ill (even with a slight cold) or have a fever will not be allowed to enter the Institute.
  2. The seating arrangement in the rooms will ensure that the required distance of 1,5 m is maintained and the maximum number of persons in a group will be reduced accordingly.
  3. It is compulsory to wear masks throughout the Institute. Exceptions are classrooms. There masks must only be worn during forms of work where the distance between students is reduced. All teachers will wear masks. Medical or FFP2 standard masks must be worn.
  4. Half of the residential courses will start 10 minutes later to reduce the number of people on the stairs and in front of the classrooms. We will inform you of your course start times well in advance.
  5. For groups with classes on Saturdays, breaks will be taken at different times to reduce the number of people in the corridors and toilets.
  6. There will be adequate ventilation during breaks and between courses.
  7. Hand disinfectants are provided on the ground floor, in the toilets and in each classroom.
  8. Tables in the classrooms will be disinfected after each class.
  9. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the course at the earliest in order to minimise the number of people in the corridors and toilets.
  10. We ask parents to wait for their children in the library or outside the Institute.
  11. We ask you to inform us immediately of any known cases of contact with infected persons.
  12. In the event of tightening of the regulations in connection with Covid 19 also the full-time courses will be held only remotely via instant messenger.
We thank you for your understanding and look forward to your responsible cooperation.
Course participants are asked to purchase a textbook and an exercise book (the price of the course does not include them).
Information on the textbook needed for a given course is available below:
Textbooks can be purchased with a 15% discount in the following bookstores:

General Terms and Conditions of Participation
in language courses
organised by Goethe-Institut in Warsaw
As of 14.09.2021 

1. Scope of applicability of General Terms and Conditions of Participation
1.1.    General Terms and Conditions of Participation apply to all semester, intensive and super-intensive courses organised at Goethe-Institut in Warsaw.
1.2.    General Terms and Conditions of Participation are available at the office of Goethe-Institut in Warsaw and at www.goethe.de/warschau about which course Participants are informed at enrolment. By paying for the course, Participants conclude a Course Agreement (hereinafter referred to as Agreement) with Goethe-Institut in Warsaw and confirm having been familiarized with the General Terms and Conditions of Participation.
2. Prerequisite
Persons willing to participate in language courses at Goethe-Institut in Warsaw must be at least 16 years of age. This condition does not apply to courses for children and teenagers, in which case consent of the statutory representative is required.
3. Prices
3.1.    Information on prices valid at the moment of enrolment can be found in the current price list available at the office of Goethe-Institut in Warsaw and at www.goethe.de/warschau.
3.2.   No handling fee is charged for changing course group.
3.3.   Payment made for the course entitles Participants to free use of the library of Goethe-Institut in Warsaw as well as of the electronic course register. Payment made for the course entitles Participants to free consultations with language teachers.
3.4.   The course fee does not include the cost of the course book and exam.
4. Payment conditions
4.1.    Payment for the course shall be made on a one-off basis at the time and in way specified in the course reservation document: by bank transfer to the specified bank account of Goethe-Institut in Warsaw or by card at the Course Bureau in Goethe-Institut in Warsaw.
Only timely payment can guarantee participation in the course.
4.2.   Payment of the course fee is considered made at the moment it is booked to the bank account of Goethe-Institut in Warsaw.
5. Termination of agreement
5.1.    Course Participants may withdraw from the Agreement one day before the course commencement date at the latest. In such a case the course fee is refunded in full.
5.2.   From the first day of the course, Participants may terminate the Agreement in writing. Intensive and super-intensive course Agreement may only be terminated for important reasons.
The Agreement is dissolved after the period of notice. The following periods of notice apply:
a) for semester courses: four course weeks effective at week’s end,
b) for intensive and super-intensive courses: one course week effective at week’s end
5.3.   If the Agreement is terminated, Participants are refunded course fees for lessons planned for time after the expiry of the period of notice.
5.4.   In the situation when a standard course group has fewer than 8 Participants, Goethe-Institut in Warsaw reserves the right to dissolve the course within 7 days from the planned course commencement date or to offer the course in a smaller group with reduced number of lessons at the same price. Should the course be dissolved, the course fee shall be refunded in full. In both cases Participants may also join another group provided there are places available.
6. Group assignment / group size
6.1.    Participants are assigned to a group at a given level on the basis of current language level certificate (results of oral and written placement test conducted at Goethe-Institut or Goethe-Institut Examination Centre, Goethe-Institut certificate).
6.2.   Standard course group size is 12 persons maximum and in special cases 14 persons maximum. The minimum number of Participants per group is 8.
6.3    For children and teenagers’ courses, the maximum number of Participants is 10.
6.4    The Goethe-Institut Warsaw reserves the right to change the number of participants in a course and to offer the in-class course as an online course if this would be necessary due to official instructions or for the safety of course Participants and Goethe-Institut staff.
7. Participation in course
7.1.    Participants of Goethe-Institut’s courses in Warsaw shall respect the social norm and behave in a cultured way.
7.2.   Participants may only attend classes in the group to which they have been assigned.
8. Inspections
The Language Department management conducts course inspections aimed at maintaining high quality of the lessons.
9. Course completion certificate
At the end of the course, each Participant shall receive a course completion certificate containing information of his/her results (based on tests and oral productions/written compositions) expressed as follows: has completed the course with “great success”, “good success” or “success”. If there is no grade on the course completion certificate, the next course level hasn’t been reached. Only the results: “great success”, “good success” and “success” entitle Participants to attend the next level course.
10. Liability of Goethe-Institut in Warsaw / Force majeure
Liability of Goethe-Institut in Warsaw and its employees shall be limited to cases of intentional actions and gross neglect. Goethe-Institut in Warsaw shall not be liable for non-delivery of services caused by force majeure, such as natural disaster, fire, flooding, war, directive of authority and any other circumstances beyond control of both parties.
11. Claims and complaints
Claims and complaints shall be submitted to the Course Bureau at Goethe-Institut in Warsaw. The management of Course and Exam Department shall reply to claims and complaints in writing within two weeks of their submission.
12. Validity of General Terms and Conditions 
12.1.  Goethe-Institut in Warsaw reserves the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions of Participation. Such an amendment shall be effective at the time specified by Goethe-Institut in Warsaw. The amendment may not come in force earlier than 14 days from the moment the changed Terms and Conditions of Participation are made available to the Participants.
12.2.  The present provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Participation come into effect on 01.10.2021.

The Goethe-Institut takes the protection of your data very seriously. With this data protection declaration we would like to inform you transparently which personal data ("your data") we collect, process and use about you when you register for a course and / or an examination at the Goethe-Institut.

Data Protection Declaration

Course offer

Level B1: 10.11.21 - 02.02.22, mon., 17.45-19.15
Level B2: 06.11.21 - 29.01.22, sat., 12.30-14.00
Level C2: 06.11.21 - 29.01.22, sat., 14.15-15.45

10 weeks

Blended Learning - Zoom meetings 1 time per week and the learning platform.

Course price:
PLN 1100.00 (PLN 990.00 for Goethe-Institut course participants).

until 04.11.2021
directly at the course office: 22 505 90 42
or by e-mail:



All current and subsequent courses can be found at
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in person at the Language Course Office or by phone at: +48225059042.
Due to high demand, our telephone lines may be overloaded. In this case, please contact us by email:

  • winter semester:  October - February
  • summer semester:  March – end of June
  • superintensive courses in July, August, September, February
We offer different types of courses where classes are held once, twice a week or more.
An overview of courses can be found here: 
We offer courses at all language levels: beginners (A1), advanced (B1-B2) and for users with a very high level of proficiency in German (C1-C2). Additionally, we offer a variety of specialised courses.

Niveaustufen des gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens
Yes. If you have already learned German, we ask you to take a placement test before enrolling in the course. The test is free of charge.

Buchen Sie einen Einstufungstest in unserem Webshop

Switching the course is possible provided that there are still seats available. If you have any question about switching the course, please contact the Language Course Office.
Unfortunately, this is not always possible as a minimum number of participants is required. This minimum also depends on the type of course. In addition, other organisational reasons may cause cancelling of the course.
We will send you information, if a course that has already been paid for has to be cancelled before it starts. Should this happen, we will try to propose an alternative solution or we will refund the course fee.

Course participants are asked to purchase a textbook and an exercise book (the price of the course does not include them).
Information on the textbook needed for a given course is available below:
Textbooks can be purchased with a 15% discount in the following bookstores:

Bookland, Al. Jerozolimskie 55
Bookland, ul. Kredytowa 2
POLANGLO: Pl. Wilsona 4 lok.109