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The French-German Cultural Institute in Ramallah is now called Kultur Ensemble and offers a "Third Place" for informal meetings, creative ideas and collective projects.

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Current Projects

International Coproduction Fund

With the IKF, we support coproductions worldwide that arise from collaborative and dialogical work processes between professional  artists in the fields of music, dance, theater and performance.

International Coproduction fund | Key Visual/Artwork © Synaesthesik (Ginna Mora) © Synaesthesik (Ginna Mora)

KERN (Kultur Enrichment Resources Network)

The Goethe-Institut in Palestine is developing a new programme for grants and support of the Palestinian cultural landscape for 2024. We are hereby warmly inviting Palestinian artists, designers, cultural entrepreneurs and cultural workers to be part of developing this programme under the title: KERN, Kultur enrichment resources network.

Kultur Enrichment Resources Network © Goethe-Institut


The Al-Ghussein House is a historic building in the heart of the Gaza Strip and a remarkable example of late Ottoman architecture in the Palestinian territories. In 2020, the Goethe-Institut Ramallah initiated the reconstruction of the historic landmark to preserve it as an outstanding example of Gaza's cultural and architectural heritage.

Al Ghussein House © Ismail Abu Hatab © Ismail Abu Hatab

Exhibition “TRUST(ful)”

Ten photographers and ten poets from nine different countries in North Africa and the Middle East together created, invited by RUYA, ten diverse works on the topic of trust. Each exhibit consists of an original poem accompanied by a photograph or series of photographs. The exhibition takes place as part of the Kultursymposium Weimar 2023.

Exhibition "TRUST(ful)" ©Canva/ divers

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