Working in international constellations

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working in international constellations

Online Working Sessions, Panel Discussions & Theatre-Live-Streaming Program
April, 24th and 25th 2021
hosted by Münchner Kammerspiele and Goethe-Institut
How do we want to collaborate globally? What is needed to make international artistic working practices possible? How can we connect locally and still participate in an international exchange?  Together with the Goethe-Institut, the Münchner Kammerspiele would like to invite you  to a digital working weekend on Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25, to discuss with artists and a professional audience about working practices and structures for the global artistic collaboration of the future.
With four working sessions, two panel discussions and live-streams of two international coproduced theatre pieces by the Münchner Kammerspiele we’d like to invite you to a weekend of encounters and exchange with the new artistic team at Münchner Kammerspiele under the direction of Barbara Mundel and with partners and artists worldwide. Let’s discuss on the questions that we as practitioners, institutions, festivals, foundations are busy not only since the pandemic, but since then more and more urgently: Ecological sustainability, sustainability in relationships, dealing with power structures and unequally distributed privileges, the relations between local context and international collaboration, questions of translation in the broadest sense. In short: we’d like to foster an exchange about experiences in international collaboration and a search for formats, funding systems and institutional structures for the global artistic collaboration of the future.
During the working weekend we would also like to present our artistic sisterhoods with Warszawa and Kyiv: Long-term sisterhoods to create exchange and encounter.

Working sessions: The working sessions address to international artists, dramaturgs, curators, representatives of cultural institutions and foundations, who practice international collaboration in the artistic field and are meant as an invitation to an exchange. Registration needed. You can register for one or more sessions. 

Performance Program: Tickets are available from 8 EUR via

Panel discussions are accessible without fee or registration via

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DAY 1 – Saturday, April, 24th 2021

11.00 – 13.00    
Working Session 1 (in German): How do we work together globally? Practices, thoughts and visions from the artists’ perspectives
Inputs by: Daniel Kötter & Sarah Israel about Gold & Coal // Jan-Christoph Gockel & Komi Togbonou about „Wir Schwarzen müssen zusammenhalten“ – Eine Erwiderung 

14.00 – 16.00    
Working Session 2 (in German): How do we facilitate global collaborations? The future of guest performances and theatre festivals: What alternatives are there to short trips and touring? What institutional measures are needed? How should funding guidelines be further developed?
Inputs by: Carena Schlewitt (Festpielhaus Hellerau) and Susanne Traub (Goethe-Institut)
17.00 - 18:30                 
Conversation on Sisterhoods (in English)
Warszawa – München – Kyiv
with: Viola Hasselberg (Münchner Kammerspiele), Agata Kołacz (TR Warszawa) and Andrii Palatnyi (Dakh Theatre / Gogolfest in Ukraine)
Moderator: Harald Wolff (Münchner Kammerspiele)

19.00 - 23:00                
Live-Stream Performance Program
TR Warszawa
Rechnitz. Opera – The Exterminating Angel
(in Polish with English subtitles)
Director: Katarzyna Kalwat

21.00 - 22:45                  
Live-Stream Performance 
Münchner Kammerspiele
The Digital Assembly / Die Versammlung
(German with English subtitles)
A realistic play by Porte Parole (Alex Ivanovic, Annabel Soutar, Brett Watson)
Director: Chris Abraham / Verena Regensburger

Midnight Talk on the Performance Program and Zoom-Party

DAY 2 – Sunday, April, 25th 2021

11.00 – 13.00    
Working Session 3 (in English): How to connect with social terrains while still engaging in global exchange?
Inputs: Choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly

14.00 – 16.00    
Working Session 4 (in English): Translating contexts.
How to translate artistic work from one local context to the other, how to adapt to the local situation.  
Inputs: Choreographers Lia Rodrigues and Yasmeen Godder
Panel Discussion: How to work in international constellations? (in English)
With: Amelie Deuflhard (Kampnagel Hamburg), Carola Dürr (Goethe-Institut Israel), Olivia Ebert and Martin Valdés-Stauber (Münchner Kammerspiele), Serge Aimé Coulibaly (Choreographer)
19.00 - 21:40               
Live-Stream Performance Program (in German and French with English subtitles)
Münchner Kammerspiele 
Wir Schwarzen müssen zusammenhalten  – Eine Erwiderung
We blacks have to stick together – A response

A Bavarian-Togolese travel project by and with E. Agbédjidji, R. Alfa, P. Assem, J. D. Bessoga, O. Ebert, D. Galiao, J.-C. Gockel, D. Kalanféi, J. Kurzweg, N. Mensah-Offei, M. Pietsch, K. Togbonou, M. Weigel, E. Zuleeg

Live-Stream Performance 
Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, Kyiv/Ukraine / Sisterhood Kyiv

A musical production by Dakh Daughters

Screening on the landing page of
No ticket needed.


Text: Maja Polk, Olivia Ebert, Martin Valdés-Stauber