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Culture in MotionTrofim Popov © Goethe-Institut

Culture in motion

Regional mobility fund of the Goethe-Institut Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Travel grants for cultural professionals and cultural institutions
Application deadline: 2 May 2021, 11:59 pm Moscow time

Mutual dialog is the lifeblood of change in society. The new program Culture in Motion: The Regional mobility fund of the Goethe-Institut Eastern Europe / Central Asia promotes exchange and encounters among those active in the area of contemporary culture in order to generate impulses for the cultural scenes in the participating countries of the region Eastern Europe / Central Asia and Germany. The objective is to initiate and expand permanent structures for intercultural collaboration.

The program awards travel grants. It is intended for cultural professionals and cultural institutions that accompany and reflect societal changes.

  • cultural professionals (older than 18 years) from the following countries are eligible to apply: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan
  • cultural institutions in the countries of the region Eastern Europe / Central Asia

As part of the program cultural institutions in Germany can invite cultural professionals from these countries to Germany and/or conduct joint research.

Support is available for travel by cultural professionals from the countries listed to Germany as well as between the countries listed.

Please note that cultural professionals from Germany may not be invited as part of the "Culture in Motion" program.

The fund is structured to include two programs:

Program 1 is intended for cultural professionals traveling individually (artists, curators, artistic directors, producers, project directors, etc.) who would like to travel to cultural events in Germany or in the cited countries.

Program 2 is intended for cultural facilities in Germany and the Eastern Europe / Central Asia region who would like to invite cultural professionals from the countries cited.

Possible reasons for travel

  • Active participation in relevant cultural events as well as presentation of personal artistic works (e.g. in film, dance or theatre festivals, cultural policy conferences, symposia or exhibition).
  • Participation in seminars and workshops with the objective of further professional development.
  • Research and exchange with potential partners in order to develop and realize joint initiatives or co-productions.

Type and scope of funding

The maximum amount of the travel grants is in average 2,500 Euros. Support is provided for travel and hotel costs, per diem allowances and in some cases for visa costs. Assistance in the visa application process is also available. During application, please note that only the mentioned costs can be supported.

Since in the current pandemic situation it cannot be foreseen when international travel will once again be possible, we ask all applicants to submit, in addition to their travel grant (main application), a research project or other project which can be carried out on location without travel; this project should have a thematic connection to the travel grant.
We assume that travel will be possible in the second half of the year; should this however not be the case, successful applicants will receive grant funding for the local (research) project.
Please complete the main application for the travel grant and the request for the local grant with equal care – including a cost plan – since both will be considered in the evaluation by the jury. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to make changes to the grant requests when appropriate and in coordination with the cultural professionals.

Payment of the scholarship

The conditions of the payout are specified in the contract with the respective scholarship holder.

Application deadlines and award criteria

Application deadline is 2 May 2021, 11:59 pm Moscow time (15 December 2021 for trips after 15 July).

Contact point for the grant program is the Goethe-Institut Moscow, where all received requests will be checked for formal criteria and for compliance with the objectives and award criteria.

A jury composed of Goethe-Institut representatives and external jurors will decide on awarding the grants. The decision will be announced no later than 6 weeks after the deadline for submissions. All decisions are final and not subject to legal appeal.

Award criteria

Travel grants can be awarded for projects which:
  • Promise substantive quality;
  • Make a relevant contribution in the area of contemporary culture;
  • Develop innovative content and formats;
  • Exhibit the potential for relevant contributions to current societal discourse;
  • Are exploratory trips for coproduction(s);Have a topic relationship to culture in Germany (prerequisite for trips to Germany); for intra-regional projects: A relationship to the cultural scene in the host country
  • Involve the following focus topics:
    • Equality, inclusion;
    • Ecology, sustainability;
    • How do new things come into the world (projects testing experimental formats to render contemporary global societal challenges visible and negotiable)

Applicants who received the grant in 2019 or 2020 may once again apply for the program after a period of three years.

Commercial projects are excluded.

Application procedure

Send the following documents by 2 May 2021, 11:59 pm Moscow time by e-mail to sinaida.shershun@goethe.de
Please note that for trips to Germany, applications will only be accepted in German or English.
Applications for travel to countries in the Eastern Europe / Central Asia region can be submitted in German, English or Russian.
Program 1: Individual travel by cultural professional

1. Form 1

Russian German English 2. Invitation (when present)
3. 4-6 photos of the projects mentioned in the form as a PDF file. 

Program 2: Cultural institutions/intermediaries
1. Form 2

Russian German English 2. 4-6 photos of the projects/ the invited person / group mentioned in the form as a PDF file.

Successful applicants (persons or the hosting organizations) will sign a contract with the Goethe-Institut, which specifies the obligations of both parties.

The funding recipients agree to provide the Goethe-Institut with complete visa documents at a time appropriately in advance of the desired date of travel.

When planning the trip, sufficient preparation for all formalities must be considered. Between assent and beginning of the trip should be at least a time of 2 weeks. If the scholar holder needs visa - at least 4 weeks.

After the completion of the trip the Goethe-Institut expects a substantive and financial report on the trip as well as photographic and press material on the project. The hosting organizations agree to refer to the Goethe-Institut funding in publications and on their web pages.

The applicants organize the trip themselves.

For questions, please contact sinaida.shershun@goethe.de.