Cardboard Pavilion Challenge

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June 2022

Ithra Idea Lab partners with Goethe-Institut Saudi Arabia, the German architecture, art and design practice umschichten and Gulf carton factory Carton lab for the Cardbord Pavilion Challenge.

Take that extra step and test your innovation and creative skillset on a Tanween Challenge project! In the Tanween Challenges, emerging creatives collaborate with knowledge and delivery partners to create real-life outcomes. The domains of the challenges are multidisciplinary, driven by design thinking, fueled by entrepreneurship, and they respond to cultural and social context and aesthetics. The Challenges encourage creatives from all disciplines and across all levels to take on an intensely challenging experience in which, with limited time and resources, they must come up with creative, innovative and practical solutions.

Pavilions play an important role for architects and designers to experiment with materials, concepts and structures. By creating unique spaces where people can enjoy themselves, socialize, integrate, interact and approach their environment, architects can test big ideas on a small scale. This Challenge is addressed to architects and interior designers to create a pavilion that shows the beauty of architecture by using only one material - cardboard. The goal is to build a sustainable, moveable and iconic structure to be a traveling landmark.

More information and registration for the challenge here: Cardboard Pavilion Challenge | Ithra

Ithra Idea Lab

Idea Lab is where ideas come to life. It is a creative community to inspire and activate innovation within the Kingdom by offering cognitive tools to build materials in order to complete the design stages and production steps; create sustainable projects to add value, set challenges and develop beneficiary products within the market; and offer inspirational classes.

For further information: Idea Lab page

Carton Lab

As the initiative project of the development department at Gulf carton factory.
Carton Lab aims to push the boundaries of creativity and mold the corrugated
Cardboard, typically utilized in logistics and storage to customers’ imaginations .
The first of its kind in the region, Carton Lab was established in 2019 and with
each passing year it witnesses a growth in customer demographics in reach and
widens its creative limitations through outstanding products that serve the
creative needs of its clients.

For further information: Carton lab page


Since 2008 Umschichten has been working internationally in the field of tension between architecture, art and design. Their spatial design practice is characterized by collaborative processes in which they develop the conscious use of materials through exploratory trial and error. This results in buildings and installations, some of which have a performative character.

Their design methodology is based on both the sensory-concrete and experimental exploration of possible materials, as well as the theoretical examination of the economic, cultural and political contexts in which they use these materials structurally.
It is essential to their work to constructively develop their installations not only from the intrinsic value and logic of the materials, but also to reflect on the cyclic processes the materials are involved in.

For further information: Umschichten page