Workshops for teachers of all disciplines as part of the Environmental Schools Project.

  Workshops für Lehrkräfte aller Fachrichtungen im Rahmen des Projekts Umweltschulen
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Do you want to make your school an environmentally friendly place of learning? Do you want to promote environmental protection in your school and use the new changes as a learning process with your students?

Together with teachers from Saudi Arabia, you can create a catalog of criteria for your schools and develop ideas on how to make your school more environmentally friendly. The five best schools will receive the slogan "Environmentally Friendly School" if they introduce the sustainability criteria and implement them for a period of two years.


  1. Raising awareness among teachers in the area of environmental protection and sustainability
  2. Providing teachers with a methodological kit for environmentally sustainable living
  3. Empowerment of multipliers and mentors for the implementation of individually oriented projects at schools.
  4. Raising society's awareness of the issue of environmental protection through media-effective measures in public life
  5. Develop methods to make everyday school life sustainable and environmentally friendly with simple means and small steps.
  6. Determination of the criteria that must be required in schools to receive the Environmental School Seal.
  • The online phase will run from 04.09 to 10.09
  • The workshop will take place from 17.09 to 22.09 at the Goethe-Institut.


  1. Interest in environmental and sustainability issues in general
  2. Motivation and time to carry out projects at schools and/or with students
  3. Knowledge in the use of computers (Moodle knowledge is an advantage)
  4. English proficiency
  5. The ability to organize and lead post-training workshops for teachers to share the knowledge they have acquired.
  6. Willingness to conduct projects with students and workshops in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability.

To apply, please send the following by 15/08/2023 with the subject line (Environmental Schools):

  • Consent of your school to participate in the workshops
  • Motivation letter