In Arabic, the word "Q'odwa" translates to "idol or role model" - which encompasses the value that mentors bring to the Q'odwa project. The mentors encourage children to pursue their career aspirations beyond social gender stereotypes.     

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Despite the high percentage of women in the Tunisian workforce, some professions and occupations remain male-dominated, such as construction, transport, engineering and the skilled trades. Regardless of skills, qualifications or existing legislation, there is a barrier for women to enter these areas of work.

The Q'odwa project aims to introduce children to women in these professions through mentorship. The mentoring component is designed to give children new perspectives on their career choices and confidence to pursue career opportunities and challenge existing gender roles.

As part of the project, mentors visit cultural and recreational organisations that work with children. In addition, the mentors create educational videos documenting their career paths and experiences, which are later shown in schools and other organisations that work with children.

Q'odwa is a project of the Goethe-Institut, funded by the German Foreign Office.

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