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Pazifik - Leipzig
Le Hien Minh

Lê Hiền Minh, born 1979 in Vietnam, is known to persistently employ a Vietnamese traditional handmade paper called Dó, with which she constructs large scale installations.

Le Hien Minh© Le Hien Minh

In her work, Dó paper is visibly vulnerable to the effects of weathering and human treatment. Materiality, whether on the point of dematerialization or materialization, is central. It is a manifestation of an idea that all things are impermanent.

Additionally, Lê Hiền Minh’s work also acts as a bridge between contemporary and traditional Vietnamese art and also between modern and historical Vietnamese culture. She studied traditional Lacquer at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Art and acquired a degree in Fine Art from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, USA. Since 2016, she started a series of works that focus on significant social issues including gender roles, hierarchies of society and female identity.

In Leipzig, Lê Hiền Minh wants to continue to work with this themes as they relate to common humanity. Thereby, for her it's important to respect to diversity ideas between the East and the West as she sees the dialogue and cultural exchanging is not only enriching one's knowledge but also assists on an understanding of the universality, to find a point of connection for all of us regardless of our background or culture.

Le Hien Minh

  • Ball © Le Hien Minh
  • Worms © Le Hien Minh
  • Ball 2 © Le Hien Minh
  • Five Questions © Le Hien Minh