Berlin Syndrome
German film festival in Vietnam

BERLIN SYNDROME © MFA + Film Distribution

Berlin is a magnet for young people and especially artists from all over the world. Berlin is a place that has a fascinating history, and bears many colorful stories. A city where artists find affordable accommodation and freedom for artistic activities. Whoever is looking for a new beginning in life, will go to Berlin. This is what is called the Berlin syndrome, the fascination of Berlin.

Clare comes to Berlin. She has artistic plans. But she meets the charming Andi. They go on a sightseeing trip through the city, which ends in a hot flirtation. But then a nerve-racking crime begins - a horror trip. A whole unexpected turn of what is most Berlin syndrome.

Cate Shortland

is Australian film director. This is her second film about Berlin. She lived there with her family for two years already. She uses the title of the film to refer to the Stockholm Syndrom, a psychological phenomenon when the victim of a hostage develops sympathy for the perpetrator.

Screening schedules

Hanoi: 08.09.2017, 8 PM
Ho Chi Minh City: 11.09.2017, 8 PM
Hai Phong: 08.09.2017, 8 PM