The Lotzmann family at the barricades
German film festival in Vietnam

FAMILy LOTZMANN © ARD Degeto/Dennis Pauls

Within just one afternoon, recently retired Hubert manages to frustrate his sisters-in-law, tip-off his rebellious daughter Bille to the police, and forget Annemarie’s birthday. But when the good old vacuum cleaner Fuzzbuster 500 is broken - after sucking down beloved budgie bird - Hubert is kicked out of the house. His only hope to ever return is to get the thing repaired within two hours, or never return at all!

Axel Ranisch

is a German film director, screenwriter, actor and producer, he has also directed opera. He shot over a hundred films and won numerous prizes.

Screening schedules

Hanoi: 09.09.2017, 4 PM
Ho Chi Minh City: 10.09.2017, 3 PM
Da Nang: 13.09.2017, 7.30 PM
Hai Phong: 10.09.2017, 8 PM
Hué: 09.09.2017, 7.30 PM