Tiger girl
German film festival in Vietnam

TIGER GIRL © 2017 Constantin Film Verleih GmbH / Fogma Maria Dragus

This feature film plays in the milieu of security services. It tells the story of an escalating friendship of two young women. TIGER stands her ground. Rule of Thumb: if someone digs a pit, dig him in. VANILLA is looking for a place in society. A uniform would be the thing she needs to become important and respected. TIGER is takes care of that girl. She teaches her to fight, to bite and that is what Vanilla heats her up. But TIGER has to learn a new rule: Whoever sows a wind will reap a storm.


works with very reduced screenplays. He wants the film to remain an open and inspired process that leaves as much room for improvisation and unexpectedness as possible. This technique is intended to create a particularly authentic act and enable the team to react flexibly to situations.

Screening schedules

Hanoi: 10.09.2017, 4 PM
Ho Chi Minh City: 09.09.2017, 3 PM
Hai Phong: 12.09.2017, 8 PM
Da Nang: 12.09.2017, 7.30 PM
Hué: 13.09.2017, 7.30 PM