German film festival in Vietnam

Wild © Heimatfilm

On her way to work Ania has a strange experience. In the middle of the park she suddenly faces a wolf. Eye to eye. This moment is unforgettable. The thought of the wolf haunts her. Ania becomes a hunter, places tracks and finally succeeds to catch that animal. She locks the wolf up in her high-rise apartment. Thus, she breaks with conventions of a bourgeois life. But surprisingly, people around her are fond of that, her boss Boris in particular. He seeks to be close to her as never before. It almost seems as if people around her shared a similar, secret wild longing.

Nicolette Krebitz

is a German actress, director and musician. "Wild" is her third long film. The American magazine "Variety" highlighted her as one of ten "Women Filmmakers to Watch".

Screening schedules

Hanoi: 09.09.2017, 8 PM
Ho Chi Minh City: 10.09.2017, 8 PM
Hai Phong: 09.09.2017, 8 PM
Da Nang: 15.09.2017, 7.30 PM
Hué: 10.09.2017, 7.30 PM