Book launching WAS IST WAS

Was ist was © Tan Viet Book

Sat, 06.05.2017

10:30 Uhr

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

The most famous book series by publishing house Tessloff, is coming to Vietnam for children.

The WAS IST WAS book series contains interesting books explaining topics in all aspects of natural sciences, as well as technology and history to 8 to 10-year-old children. Thus, young readers become acquainted with the great knowledge of the world. The book “Unsere Erde: Der blaue Planet” (Our earth: The blue planet) gives answers to many questions: How did life start on earth? What causes day and night? .. “Dinosaurier. Im Reich der Riesenechsen” (Dinosaurs: Walking with the Giants) leads us into the realm of the giants and tells about the herbivores and the carnivores. This book also describes the reason why dinosaurs are related to birds and why they ceased. In the third book, “Planeten und Raumfahrt: Expedition ins All” (Planets and Astronautics: Expedition into the Universe), young researchers can look forward to interesting facts about the solar system, the planets and the Galaxies. Is the universe truly infinite and how to eat in a state of weightlessness? WAS IST WAS (How and Why) is close to the action.