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Germany – New Horizons

"Germany -- new horizons" is a short film about six students from around the world who are studying in Germany. Harish, Rania, Michael, Alla, Jhonatan and Emily come from India, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Russia, Colombia and Great Britain. They explain what it means to travel abroad and what it feels like to live and study in Germany.

    OLED – Light from Small Molecules

    Illuminated wallpaper, pictures and flexible film instead of light bulbs or flickering neon tubes potential applications for organic light diodes, or OLEDs for short, are almost unlimited. They are already used for instance in mobile phone and MP3 player displays. Researchers in Dresden, Potsdam and Mainz are working on making OLEDs longer-lasting, more robust and brighter.

      STED - Insights into the Nano World

      Optical microscopes cannot distinguish between objects that are closer together than about 200 nanometers – about one two hundredth of a hair's breadth. The reason for this is the wave nature of light, the half wavelength of which roughly corresponds to those 200 nanometers. The STED microscopy developed by Stefan Hell is the first optical microscope technology to go beyond this magic barrier, enabling researchers to gain fascinating insights into the nano world.

        200 Years of Fraunhofer Lines

        Researcher Joseph von Fraunhofer, born in 1787, brought us closer to the stars. Counted as one of the founders of modern optics, he succeeded in manufacturing telescopes in a quality that had never been seen before. In 1814, he made his most significant discovery, which was then named after him – Fraunhofer lines. These make it possible for us to get a closer look at space and to understand how stars are born.

          Natural Rubber from Dandelions

          Dandelions are modest plants that are an excellent alternative source for a raw material of high demand: natural rubber, the fundamental ingredient in rubber products. Fraunhofer researchers have established the basis for the large-scale production of high quality rubber with Russian dandelion.

            Quantum Physics – Tap-Proof by Coincidence

            Almost any code can be cracked in theory, you just need to have enough computing power. Not so with quantum cryptography however: messages that have been encoded with this method cannot be decoded without the sender and receiver realising.

              The Factory of Tomorrow - Industry 4.0

              The vision of Industry 4.0 is the intelligent factory: machinery, parts and transport equipment are networked with each other and with the internet via sensors, actuators and tiny computers. This enables them to exchange information constantly. Production and logistics are optimized; products can be customized to suit customer requirements.

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