Tracing Latencies

Tracing Latencies is a mixed-media, multi-sensory, hybrid group exhibition held from 3 March to 3 April 2022 at 136 GOETHE LAB, Singapore.

© Charlotte Tan

“Hope locates itself in the premises that we don't know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act”

— Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark

© Charlotte Tan

Tracing Latencies radically (re)imagines the conditional ways we relate to our increasingly digitized urban environments and each other. It traces and unfolds the cloaked systems, illegible structures and dislocated anxieties that constitute the constructed environment and crowds of algorithms that surround and engulf us. Entangling a mixed array of multivarious processes and voices across the tactile and digital realms, the audience is invited to walk/click through, pause and embrace the peripheral and the unexpected as central to the future of urban cultural transformation.

Presented at a trepidatious time, artmaking and the poetic role of creative play in the everyday are celebrated as sites of learning, resistance and hope in transitional times of precarious flux.

© Charlotte Tan

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© Charlotte Tan

Physical Artworks

Atamatam Square

ATAMATAM 目目 (2021, 2022)

Syimah Sabtu (b.1993, Singapore) and Merissa Tang (b.1996, Singapore)

Fallen Cycle Square

Fallen Cycle (2019, 2020, 2022)

Sornrapat Patharakorn (b.1991, Bangkok) and Tian Skultan (b. Titirat Skultantimayta, 1993, Bangkok)

Green Agora Square

Green Agora (2020, 2022)

Calvin Chua (b.1985, Singapore)

MCC Square

how long is a piece of string? (2022)

Mouse Click Click (est.2021, Singapore)

sifrmu square

sifrmu // WYSIWYNTK (2022)

bani haykal, (b.1985, Singapore)

Feelers Square

Streetlamp No. 107101 (2022)

Feelers (est.2021, Singapore)

Transpollutant Square

Transpollutant (2022)

Irene Agrivina (b.1976, Indonesia)

Digital Artworks

Swamp City Square

Swamp City (2021)

Alice Bucknell (US/UK)

Tactogram Square

Tactogram (2021)

Fariz Fadhlillah (Indonesia)