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  • C1

    House & Home

    How do you remove scratches from furniture? What do you do when your sports shoes stink? In this episode of our series "Lifehacks", you will not only get useful tips, but also train your reading comprehension and vocabulary. Learn, for example, how to use the prefix zer- and what different kinds of nuts there are - and how to use them to repair a table.

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  • A2

    24h Deutsch:
    Ida erklärt – Leihen, mieten, tauschen

    Ida is looking forward to her new balcony table. She can pick it up from her friend Lea right away. But how is she supposed to transport it? Ida has borrowed a cargo bike! Accompany Ida through the city and find out what you can borrow, rent or swap.

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  • B2

    Ecology and Sustainability in Germany:

    Albert Einstein is said to have once said: If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. The reverse is also true – if the bees are doing well, then mankind is also doing well. In the following exercises from the series "Ecology and Sustainability in Germany" you will not only learn the basics about this important insect, but also why the beekeeper Schimanski lends out his bee colonies.

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