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KINO! Film Salon: Ever After

Ever After

2:00pm EDT



Language: English
Price: Free Registration required

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KINO! Film Salon is a monthly online film club to discuss German film.
How it works: Each month we choose a German film or series currently available to stream on U.S. platforms, watch it independently, and come together for a hosted conversation with other fans of German film.
For our August session, we have picked Carolina Hellsgård's Ever After, which blends “ecological subtext and feminist folk-horror elements [into] an agreeably fresh addition to the zombie canon” (The Hollywood Reporter). U.S. participants can stream the film on Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV, and others.

A plague has swept the world. Weimar and Jura, the only surviving cities, have very different approaches to the epidemic. In Weimar, Vivi (Gro Swantje Kohlhof)–vulnerable and numb as a result of apocalypse-triggered tragedies–reluctantly volunteers at the city's perimeter. She meets Eva (Maja Lehrer) at the ramshackle outer fences, whose icy stoicism makes a striking contrast to Vivi's delicate fragility. Following an attack at their post, they board an automated supply train bound for Jena, a city whose more humane approach to the victims of the epidemic offers some hope for the future. When the train unexpectedly breaks down, Vivi and Eva are left to fend for themselves in a countryside teeming with dangers and marvels they never dreamed of.

Hosted by Sydney Levine
Sydney Levine consults, interviews, and writes about filmmakers and the film industry. She has taught international film business at universities including UCLA, Chapman, The New School of Social Research, and the University of Television and Film Munich, as well as at festivals including the Cannes Producers Workshop, and Berlinale Talents. She created FilmFinders, the film industry’s first database, which was acquired by IMDb. She currently lives in Berlin and Los Angeles. 
KINO! Film Salon is a production of Telescope Film, in partnership with the German Film Office.

Dir. Carolina Hellsgård
With Gro Swatje Kohlhof, Maja Lehrer, Trine Dyrholm, Yûho Yamashita
Germany, 2019
90 minutes