Film screening

KINO! Film Salon: Rosenstrasse


2:00pm EDT



Language: English
Price: Free admission Registration required

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KINO! Film Salon is a monthly online film club to discuss German film.
How it works: Each month we choose a German film or series currently available to stream on U.S. platforms, watch it independently, and come together for a hosted conversation with other fans of German film.
For our July session we have picked Margarethe von Trotta’s 2003 film Rosenstrasse, “a modest yet moving fact-based drama” (Washington Post). The film features the powerhouse cast of Katja Riemann, Maria Schrader, Doris Schade, and Jutta Lampe. U.S. participants can stream the film on Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV, and others.

Rosenstrasse was Margarethe von Trotta’s first film in nearly a decade, and it’s an exhilarating return to the intense cinema that made her name. An impassioned portrait of a key moment in the history of WWII, the film is anchored by stunning performances from the iconic Katja Riemann and Maria Schrader. The innovative structure moves between 2000 and 1943, exploring the detention of Jewish husbands of Aryan women in an anonymous building on Rosenstrasse, Berlin. The film particularly focuses on the fearless efforts of the women who commit to freeing their loved ones. Albeit with some provocative factual liberties, Rosenstrasse is a story of love, resilience and hope that plays like a thriller and resonates like a dark memory.

Hosted by Jim Kolmar
Jim programmed for South by Southwest Film Festival from 2009-2020, where he continues to consult on international and feature film programming. He is also currently programming for Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, and was a founding committee member at Festival Internacional de Cine Tulum (FICTU). Jim was a guest curator for Portland International Film Festival 2021. And he will be working with German Films on a new curated film package exhibition tour across the US - called KINO! Germany NOW! 2023 Discover New Talent, scheduled for early spring 2023.
KINO! Film Salon is a production of Telescope Film, in partnership with the German Film Office.

Dir. Margarethe von Trotta
With Katja Riemann, Maria Schrader, Doris Schade, and Jutta Lampe
Germany/Netherlands, 2003
136 minutes