Kiss My Wounds

Kuessen – Still © Markus Zucker Fiction, drama, dramedy
Germany, 2022, 111 min.

Language: OV German with English subtitles
Original title: Wann kommst du meine Wunden küssen?
Director/screenwriter: Hanna Doose
Cinematographer: Markus Zucker
Cast: Bibiana Beglau, Gina Henkel, Katarina Schröter, Alexander Fehling, Godehard Giese, Jonas Smulders, Marc Hosemann
Producers: Dominik Utz, Martin Schwimmer (DOMAR Film), Marcos Kantis (Schiwago Film)
Festivals: Munich 2022, Tallin Black Nights 2022
Awards: Audience Award (Munich 2022)

Kiss My Wounds centers on an extended family unit that includes friends and former lovers as they convene in the Black Forest under tragic circumstances. Fissures are soon exposed within that unit, many of which are torn open to reveal the raw neuroses within. This second feature by Hanna Doose is a near symphony of emotional repression, nested in an intricate work of great confidence and cinematic agility. We see this in the extraordinary, expansive images that open the film, leading the way to a more intimate chamber drama that would make Chekhov proud.

Kiss My Wounds is a film unafraid to tackle the silences, microaggressions, and misunderstandings that punctuate family dynamics, often with ribald humor, and always with care and precision. It brilliantly captures the awkward ways we relate to our loved ones, even when that love is subject to great pressure and dire consequences. – Jim Kolmar

Presented with Frédéric Jaeger’s The Deluge