Tawanda Takura

Tawanda Takura Photo by Charles Mukucha © Charles Mukucha Tawanda Takura, born in 1989 is an artist who lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe. With the loss of his parents, he began making shoes for retail to survive which sparked his interest in creating shapes from shoes. He works with discarded old shoes which he salvages from around his community repurposing them into biomorphic like figures. These shoes carry identity of their previous owners and repurposing them he feels he is dealing with their absent extension. His work critiques existence of the church institution in today’s society and the socio-political state questioning the ideas around spiritually and identity. He studied art at Village Unhu art studio. He has participated in group exhibitions in Zimbabwe and international group exhibitions in South Africa, Mauritius and Hong Kong His studio is located in Chitungwiza to which to this date he lives and works.