Yvanovitch Mbaya

Yvanovitch Mbaya. Photo by Caroline Trucco © Caroline Trucco Yvanovitch Mbaya is an artist from Congo, based in Casablanca (Morocco). His work is enriched by the other places he travels through, near or far. Through drawings, videos, installations and artistic performances, he works like a sociologist and studies the social and cultural behaviours of his environment. He is particularly interested in the young generations, their relationship with the new communication tools, which sometimes lead, paradoxically, to the withdrawal of the individual who is a daily actor in a totally open universe. Passionate about travel, for several years his main quation has been: How can we be open to “the other” while avoiding dreaming of exile? Trained at the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Brazzaville (Congo), he is also a former student of Bill Kouélany.