Seventh Edition: "Digital Storytelling for GLAM Institutions"

11 September 2020

Stories have always served as a medium for connecting with other people and building relationships. With the advances in computer-based technology and the pervasiveness of social media, the way we tell stories is expanding and becoming even more interactive. For GLAM institutions, digital storytelling can be a new way to interact with audiences and to share their collections in a more enjoyable and interesting way.

How can digital storytelling be used to interact with audiences on social media? What kind of strategy can create an interesting narrative for the public that is also relevant to institutional collections?

In this edition we invite Aleksandra Strzelichowska (Senior Online Marketing Specialist, Europeana Foundation) and Nina Hidayat (Head of Communications, Museum MACAN) to share their experiences in designing and using digital storytelling for their institutions. They will also provide tips about suitable creative methods.

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