Publication by Sabine Scho and Matthias Holtmann
The Origins of Value

Tail of a whale in the water from a boat © Matthias Holtmann

After centuries of whale hunting, Iceland, one of the remaining three nations that still authorizes whaling, suspended unprofitable whaling in 2020 for the third year in a row. Since 2022 the whalers of Hvalur hf. started to slaughter whales again. What do we value, when it comes to nature and especially wilderness, and could we help to create narratives that would help not only to exploit it?

In the context of Goethe Morph* Iceland Sabine Scho and Matthias Holtmann created the publication Origins of Values, engaging with the encounters between humans and whales - whether in tourism or hunting - through photographs and poems.

The full publication is available as PDF here: Origins of Values

Advertisement of Whale Watching Tour with CCTV installed next to it
© Matthias Holtmann
Tail of a whale in the water
© Matthias Holtmann
Poem © Sabine Scho
Ticket house for whale watching
© Matthias Holtmann
Dead whale stranded on beach
© Matthias Holtmann
Ytri tunga Poem © Sabine Scho
To whaling boats in a bay in Iceland
© Matthias Holtmann
Whale bones at the beach
© Matthias Holtmann