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We live in a crisis-ridden time of hesitation and do not seem to be aligned for a positive shared future. At the same time there are ideas to confront the explosive issues - climate, migration, inequality, and resources. Goethe Morph* Iceland, a transcultural intervention by the Goethe-Institut and Nordic House Reykjavík, provides a platform for artists, thinkers and activists to share their ideas along an engaging and unifying theme: How we always wanted to have lived!

Artists, artistic collectives, thinkers and activists from Iceland, Germany, Kenya, Mali, Syria, Greenland and Poland have been asked to engage with the theme throughout Spring and Summer of 2022. The growing body of thoughts and ideas will coalesce from 5th to 15th of September in Reykjavík, when the results of their explorations will be presented to a wide audience in a holistic program - on site and digitally, at the Nordic House Reykjavík, as well as in schools and in the outdoors.

Poetic reflections on the body as a political, cultural, and social oracle will merge with future-archaeological, transmigratory, decolonizing, and queer visions of history, nature, time and (im-)materiality. Goethe Morph* Iceland becoming a recalibration of common knowledge and an invitation to all of us to actively shape the morphology of our lives.
In these encounters, analogue and digital, with bodies and minds, we try to envision alternative forms of living and togetherness along the intersections of art and embodied, critical, philosophy - for entangled modes of thinking can help address the diverse societies we have become. This way we want to activate each other in asking how we always wanted to have lived. Which yet-to-be-imagined visions of life do people with different experiences, different origins have? How can we make these visions visible? How can (embodied) knowledge be put into practice? And can we understand these practices not only as something better, but above all as something different - for a rethinking of the present and future?

Goethe Morph* Iceland: How we always wanted to have lived is a trans-cultural intervention of the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with The Nordic House, Reykjavík. Curated by Arnbjörg María Danielsen and Thomas Schaupp.

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Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized. – Ly Tin Wheedle