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Kultursymposium Weimar 2019

[Dummy] Kultursymposium Weimar Startseite-Intro © Cordula Flegel 19 - 21 JUNE

The Goethe-Institut is organising the second international cultural symposium in Weimar from the 19th to the 21st of June 2019 under the title "Recalculating the Route". More than 300 participants from all over the world will come to Weimar to discuss the great upheavals of our time.

All around the world, future pathways are being recalculated. Rapid technological development is producing fundamental changes in society, culture, and the economy, and is introducing unforeseen possibilities and posing many new questions. At the same time, the desire for manageable and easily understandable circumstances seems to be increasing worldwide. Straightforward answers to an increasingly complex world are in high demand, and not only in the political sphere. 

Now stern and threatening, now benign and jocularKultursymposium Weimar 2019 - Die Route wird neu berechnet
© Goethe-Institut


Huang Yi & KUKA

Th/20/June/19:30 - 20:30
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Huang Yi & KUKA© Jacob Blickenstaff

Datafiction | I think I saw her blink

From Tue/18/June/19:00
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I think I saw her blink Datafiction© Julia Steinigeweg

The Manifesto of New Insincerity

We/19/June/21:00 - 21:30
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The Manifesto of New Insincerity MMaC© Most Mechanics Are Crooks

Opening & Keynote with Anab Jain

We/19/June/17:00 - 19:00
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Keynote Anab Jain© Superflux

Aftershow Party

We/19/June/19:30 - 0:00
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KSWE 2016 Party© Jörg Gläscher

Speakers of KSWE19

More than 70 speakers from more than 35 countries will discuss the Kultursymposium's topics from different perspectives accompanied by an interdisciplinary programme of lectures, discussions, participatory discussion formats and artistic interventions. Among others, the speakers of KSWE19 are:

Panashe Chigumadzi © Tarryn Hatchett

Panashe Chigumadzi

Essayist, writer (These Bones Will Rise Again) and founder of Vanguard Magazin | Zimbabwe

Toby Walsh with Baxter © Grant Turner/UNSW

Toby Walsh

Expert for Artificial Intelligence | Australia

Anab Jain © Superflux

Anab Jain

Designer, filmmaker and co-founder of Superflux | Great Britain

Assaf Gavron © Fana Feng

Assaf Gavron

Writer (Hydromania) and musician | Israel

Sarah Chen © Chen

Sarah Chen

Entrepreneur and founder of the Billion Dollar Fund for Women, principal of FedTech | USA/Malaysia

Nanjira Sambuli © Sambuli

Nanjira Sambuli

Political scientist and activist (World Wide Web Foundation) | Kenia

Julia von Lucadou © Christian Werner

Julia von Lucadou

Writer (Die Hochhausspringerin) and filmmaker | Germany

Pankaj Mishra © Windham Campbell

Pankaj Mishra

Essayist, literary critic and author (The Age of Anger) | India/Great Britain