Short Stories on Postcolonial World Order End of the Dream

Anthology “End of the Dream”
Anthology “End of the Dream” | © Goethe-Institut

The themes are diverse, but the experiences of the protagonists are comparable: Contemporary authors from Africa and South America write about the effects of colonialism on their countries, societies, cultures, religions and political systems.

Ubah Cristina Farah and José Mendonça thematize armed resistance as a natural reaction to colonial rule in The Stations of the Moon and Independence Square respectively. Both stories deal with economic and gender inequalities in Somalia and Angola, as well as the disappointment over promises made during the independence struggle but not fulfilled afterwards. One of the protagonists in Independence Square laments: “The dream of democracy (...) is over.” A statement that could come from any one of the former colonies today.

In The Strip by Luis Noriega and Thriller by Cidinha da Silva, the former colonies, Columbia and Brazil, continue to struggle with violence and instability resulting from the unequal distribution of resources and opportunities. They also highlight the widening gap between the rich and the poor and the unfavourable bilateral relations between the former colonies and the colonial powers, which have led to a new form of colonialism - neo-colonialism.

Another motif of the narratives is the interaction between Western and indigenous cultures: while in some cases indigenous and foreign cultural practices coexisted in the same communities, elsewhere the traditions were either completely suppressed by the colonial masters or labelled sinful, repulsive and immoral by the missionaries. This led to an identity crisis that is reflected in narratives such as Panashe Chigumadzi's The God of the Old Testament and Dreams and Assorted Nightmares by Abubakar Ibrahim. In The Blue Bra on the Samsonite Bag, Zukiswa Wanner narrates a story about betrayal, revenge and the courage to cross cultural boundaries in an African metropolis while Okwiri Oduor's Sunflower brings to the readers' attention the social stratification and class differences in postcolonial Kenya.

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