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Latitude on Air: Unsettling Power Relations

Latitude on Air broadcasts a two-hour radio programme once a month, in an online stream on this website. The broadcasts always take place on the last Friday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm. All previous programmes can also be accessed.

The theme on 26th March 2021 was: “Decolonising Sonic Knowledge Production”. 

In this episode we are asking our mind, ears and all parts of our body to feel and listen closely in order to cultivate a solidarity, so that we can move from conscious acts of non-listening to joint exchanges and empowerment. “Contemporary” music is often pressured by the bounds of production within the capitalised music market, imposing notions of aesthetics with its conditionings. So, how can we open our senses to the powers of imaginaries which stem from plural ?
Which kind of knowledge systems are at the margins of our listening? How can we activate our listening to bodies of archives that acknowledge multiplicities? How can we attune ourselves to the waves of ancestral music and sound that resonate through time and space?
Within the thematic inquiry of Decolonising Knowledge Production, Kelly Krugman discusses with the sound artist, DJ and producer Nkisi alongside Arlette-Louise Ndakoze, conversing also with the cultural activists and musicians dumama and kechou: speaking on inclusive knowledge systems of traditional practices and tracing the potencies of sound as routes to voicing ancestral lineages, mythic and cosmic narratives and acts of resistance. The introduction by Jumoke Adeyanju interviewing Arlette-Louise Ndakoze focuses on what sonic knowledge production actually is.
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Overview of previous episodes
Latitude on Air was conceived in June 2020 as an accompanying radio programme for the online festival LATITUDE on the FM frequency and online channel of the Berlin radio station Over four days, experts, artists and activists explored the festival's themes, embedded in the larger framework of global dialogue on colonial power relations, their consequences and how to overcome them. As a follow-up to this successful cooperation, the idea was born to develop a monthly radio programme together with the Goethe-Institut and the Radionetzwerk Berlin (along with reboot.fmcashmere radio, SAVVYZAAR and WEAREBORNFREE! Empowerment Radio). 

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