Creative Discourse DRIN – Visions for Children’s Books

The “DRIN” project
  • 01. January 2020 — 31. December 2021

  • Postcolonial world order, Postcolonial art production, Decolonisation

  • Helsinki (Finland); Berlin (Germany)

Do children's books from Northern Europe and Germany reflect the diversity of society in their stories and illustrations? The “DRIN” project searches for exemplary publications and promotes the networking of the different actors working with children’s literature.

Current children's literature from Northern European countries and Germany is making a growing part of its population invisible by not reflecting the increasingly diverse societies. Against this background, the Goethe-Institut Finland launched the project DRIN - Visions for Children's Books at the end of 2018, which delves into the representation of children and their realities in picture books produced in Northern Europe and Germany. The abbreviation DRIN stands for diversity, representation, inclusion and norm criticism.

Since children's books shape the worldview, it is important for children to identify with images in stories, illustrations and narratives as early as possible. In recent years, publishers have been increasingly demanding that children's books reflect social and cultural diversity. However, this has so far only succeeded in isolated cases.

In order to promote alternative, underrepresented voices and images, the project brings together various actors in this field: authors, illustrators, publishers, libraries and readers. Their critical discourse and exchange of knowledge should culminate in book productions. In addition, best-practice examples from all over the world will be compiled in an archive that will provide inspiration for translations - of books that reflect the diversity of society.