Digital City Maps, Discourse and Art ReMapping Memories Lisboa – Hamburg: (Post) Colonial Places of Remembrance

ReMapping Memories Lisboa – Hamburg
  • 01. September 2020 — 31. July 2022

  • Colonial legacy, Culture of memory, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Lisbon (Portugal); Hamburg (Germany)

The project “ReMapping Memories Lisboa – Hamburg: (Post)Colonial Places of Remembrance” is devoted to the traces that have become stone and parts of people’s “mental map” which colonialism and anti-colonial resistance left in the port cities of Hamburg and Lisbon.
Using the example of these two centres of European colonialism, it shows the inscriptions of the colonial in urban space that continue to exist into the 21st century and aims to make a contribution to decolonising public space. The project is conceived as a European project to make visible the dimension and networking of colonialism within Europe.
The focus is on the development of a website with digital maps of the cities of Hamburg and Lisbon, where (post)colonial places of remembrance are successively published. The aim is to sound out how, by contextualising these places of remembrance and through counter-narratives, approaches can be found for a multicultural and non-racist present and future.
The digital project will be accompanied by discussions, workshops and artistic works at both locations (with a focus on Lisbon).
Renowned personalities in both cities are advising the project. In Lisbon these are Inocência Mata, Judite Primo, Flávio Almada, Isabel Castro Henriques and António Sousa Ribeiro, and in Hamburg Hannimari Jokinen, Noa K. Ha, Anke Schwarzer and Jonas Prinzleve.
The project is financed by special funds from the Board of Directors of the Goethe-Institut and sponsored by the Bartholomäus Brotherhood of Germans in Lisbon.