Living in a Quantum State


Living in a Quantum State

Redefining narratives around emerging technologies. 

What exactly is quantum computing and how will it impact our everyday lives? At hybrid events in Berlin, Dublin, London, San Francisco and Beijing, "Living in a Quantum State" is engaging audiences around the world in debates and asking important ethical and ecological questions about quantum computing. It is exploring the role of civil society in regulating emerging technologies and examining how the arts may help us to communicate and understand these major scientific advances. 


Speakers & Guests | Entangled Event
Goethe-Institut/Molly Keane

Artists, physicists, philosophers and practitioners came together in the Goethe-Institut Irland, to shine a light on the current landscape of quantum computing and to explore the future of quantum technologies and the arts. 

© Christoph Hohmann (MCQST Cluster); Eduardo Miranda; Lucy Sollitt

Podcast: How can art help us understand quantum computing?

The Evolution of Ent-: QX, 2022, Libby Heaney, installation shots from arebyte Gallery.
Ent- 2022, commissioned by Light Art Space. The Evolution of Ent-: QX commissioned by arebyte Gallery. Photo credit: Max Colson.

Can the radical potential of quantum be reclaimed?

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