Artificial intelligence, bias,

How does bias get into a translation, and what can we do about it?


A black and a white person in front of an orange background with the word "they", "them", "sier" and "xier" written on it. © Goethe-Institut. llustration: EL BOUM.


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Auge, Sprechblase und Mund. © Goethe-Institut. Illustration: EL BOUM

macht.sprache. & Artificially Correct: Discussion with Lann Hornscheidt and Şeyda Kurt

4th of June, 7.30 pm CET | Online
The project macht.sprache. by poco.lit. and the project Artificially Correct by the Goethe-Institut invite you to join them for a discussion that addresses possible ways of dealing with politically sensitive terminology in German. Speakers are Lann Hornscheidt und Şeyda Kurt.

About the Project

The Artificially Correct project connects translators, activists and AI experts to reduce the problem of bias in translation in the context of artificial intelligence.