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PERSPECTIVES. One Europe, many Stories.

PERSPECTIVES is the new label for multi-perspective and constructive journalism.
Co-financed by the European Union, PERSPECTIVES brings together journalists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Ukraine. We collaborate in our international Newsroom to bring you content that matters across borders.

Editorial independence and accountability are of key importance in our work and two of the main principles included in our editorial guidelines that encompass our common vision and stardards of ethical and high-quality journalism.
So if you want stories around current European affairs and a kind of journalism that inspires constructive debates and action, then PERSPECTIVES is exactly for you!

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In an effort to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the diverse perspectives and experiences across Europe, our PERSPECTIVES Newsroom frequently conducts surveys concerning the topics we cover with our label.


Photo is showing Wind turbines in a corn field during sunset. Photo: Key Visual 'Survey: Our Way of Life is Unsustainable' © Karsten Würth on UnsplashSustainability

Our Way of Life is Unsustainable

The economic competitiveness is one of the main causes of the deepening climate crisis. Despite this knowledge, global capitalism still forces us to constantly accumulate capital and expand. This way of our existence is environmentally and economically unsustainable. In our survey of the month, we approached experts from our partner countries with two questions on the topic of sustainability:
Is climate sustainability compatible with economic competitiveness? And should we even be concerned with such a dilemma?
How to make the debate about the European Green deal “sexier”?

Survey in English language by PERSPECTIVES Newsroom

Photo is showing a public demonstration using a pink submarine with the slogan “Tell the truth”. Photo: Key Visual 'Survey: How can constructive journalism help in fighting populism?' © Joël de Vriend for unsplash Threats to Democracy

How can constructive journalism help in fighting populism?

Media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion, and biased reporting can contribute to societal polarization by reinforcing populist beliefs and perspectives. Conversely, constructive journalism strives for a more balanced portrayal of reality. It aims to steer away from sensationalism and fear-driven narratives and promotes a more optimistic and hopeful approach to news reporting. As such, we asked the members of our international Newsroom: How can constructive journalism help in fighting populism?

Survey in English language by PERSPECTIVES Newsroom 

Photo is showing the facade of an apartment building. Photo: Key Visual 'Solving the housing crisis - but how?/Die Wohnungskrise lösen - aber wie?' © Ján Jakub Naništa via unsplash | CC0 1.0Housing

Solving the housing crisis – but how?

Affordable, dignified, and adequate housing is particularly (but not exclusively) scarce in urban centers across Europe. The affected groups are primarily those with lower incomes, such as younger generations or individuals marginalized for various reasons. It quickly became apparent to us in the PERSPECTIVES Newsroom that the housing crisis requires our collective attention and innovative solutions. To showcase the many dimensions of the housing issue, we conducted a joint Europe-wide survey. We sought input from experts in politics, academia, the private sector, and citizen initiatives and asked: In your opinion, what specific measures should be taken to address the housing crisis in your country/city?

Survey in English language by PERSPECTIVES Newsroom 
In German language the Article is offered at Jádu 
(also available in Slovakian, Czech & Ukrainian)

PERSPECTIVES Topic of the Month

Every month, the members of the PERSPECTIVES Newsroom select a TOPIC OF THE MONTH. This month, we are zooming in on the topic of Sustainability and provide you multi-language and multi-perspective stories on that topic. To find out more about the thematic spectrum that PERSPECTIVES covers, have a look at our Key Topics.
All content pieces published under the PERSPECTIVES label can be found on the websites of our partners.


Photo is showing a woman stands in front of a box where she grows earthworms. Photo: Key Visual 'More and more people are getting excited about sustainability' © Audrius Lelkaitis for

More and more people are getting excited about sustainability

People are increasingly turning to sustainability. Sustainable business, sustainable farming, sustainable lifestyles are increasingly being discussed. Young people are often inspired when sustainability ideas are presented in a non-boring way.  

Original Article in Lithuanian language: Tvarumo idėja uždega vis daugiau žmonių  
by­ Audrius Lelkaitis for
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Illustration is showing a green mass of various high-rise buildings surrounded by parks. Illustration: Key Visual 'Sustainable Economic Growth Does Not Exist' © Kapitál Kapitál

Sustainable Economic Growth Does Not Exist

It is indisputable that for several decades humanity persistently ignored all scientific forecasts that predicted a serious existential threat to human civilization as a result of its unlimited growth, which disrupts the planetary ecological system. Is there such a thing as “sustainable” growth? And what is the relationship between economic growth and the environment and global climate change? 

Original Article in Slovakian language: Udržateľný ekonomický rast neexistuje  
by­ Peter Daubner for Kapitál
Read the Article at Kapitál

Photo is showing a crowd of people protesting against tree felling. Photo: Key Visual 'Green clothes for Lithuania's cities stuck in the pavement?' ©

Green clothes for Lithuania's cities stuck in the pavement?

The green mantle of our cities is shrinking, paying tribute to various construction and reconstruction projects. Planting young plants in place of mature trees does little to save the situation.  

Original Article in Lithuanian language: Žaliasis Lietuvos miestų rūbas įstrigo trinkelėse?  
by­ Baguolė Žalnieriūnaitė and Danielius Minkevičius for
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Photo is showing a young family: man, woman and their daughter in the farm. Photo: Key Visual 'Smart agriculture in Lithuania from Australia – permaculture farm in village Kirdonys' © Jonas Balčiūnas for

Smart agriculture in Lithuania from Australia - permaculture farm in village Kirdonys

A couple of years ago, a young family from Australia started creating an organic farm in a distant village. They say they found the meaning of life here.  

Original Article in Lithuanian language: Išmintinga žemdirbystė Lietuvoje iš Australijos – permakultūrinis ūkis Kirdonyse  
by­ Jonas Balčiūnas and Aušra Raulušonytė for
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