Illustration: © Tetiana Kostyk for Goethe-Institut Prag

PERSPECTIVES. One Europe, many Stories.

PERSPECTIVES is the new label for multi-perspective and constructive journalism.
Co-financed by the European Union, PERSPECTIVES brings together journalists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Ukraine. We collaborate in our international Newsroom to bring you content that matters across borders.

Editorial independence and accountability are of key importance in our work and two of the main principles included in our editorial guidelines that encompass our common vision and stardards of ethical and high-quality journalism.
So if you want stories around current European affairs and a kind of journalism that inspires constructive debates and action, then PERSPECTIVES is exactly for you!


The first articles by our partners are already out. In the future, you will find here our highlights published under the PERSPECTIVES label.


Drawing of a young woman in camouflage clothing in a pink toy doll box. Illustration: Key Visual 'Nuclear explosion in pink' © Tetiana Kostyk for JÁDU

Nuclear explosion in pink

In Ukraine, the collective cinematic experience will not be missed in the summer of 2023. "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" have already attracted more than half a million people to the cinemas. The Ukrainian reception of the pink and black "Barbenheimer" is a very special one in the context of war.

Article in German language: Atombombenexplosion in Rosa
Daryna Melashenko for JÁDU
(also available in Slovakian & Ukrainian)

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Rimantas Misevičius, an expert in systematic suicide prevention, standing in his office. Photo: Rimantas Misevičius – expert in systematic suicide prevention © Karolina Savickytė

Expert: We're still putting off saving lives for “better times”

Abstract. The Lithuanian Ministry of Health approved the procedure description for assistance to a person at risk of suicide, as well as the National Suicide Prevention Actions 2020-2024. plan. And individual municipalities have developed their own algorithms and plans adapted to local specifics. Yet, only 25 municipalities (from 60) have implemented such algorithms, but not all of them function effectively. Rimantas Misevičius, an expert in systematic suicide prevention, is convinced that delays in taking action is not justified

Article in Lithuanian language: Ekspertas: gyvybių gelbėjimą vis dar atidedame „geresniems laikams“
Rasa Milerytė for 
Article at

Photo showing Pile of three blue chairs, one grey chair, a small ladder, a red vaccuum cleaner and a wooden sign, placed behind a glass window against a partly painted brick wall. Photo: Key Visual 'Rooms and Bedrooms' © Bernardeta Babáková Revue Prostor

Rooms and Bedrooms

Bernarda Babáková's literary text has a sharply realistic edge. The question of one's own room or space is complemented by questions of freedom, intimacy and the difficulties we have to face in our living. How is a (young) person today supposed to find a place to live?

Article in Czech language: Pokoje a Pokojíčky    
by­ Bernardeta Babáková for Revue Prostor 
Article at Revue Prostor

Illustration/Visual composed of multi-colored swirled and textures. Illustration: Key Visual 'The end of the end of the world' © Jakub Štourač for Revue ProstorRevue Prostor

The end of the end of the world

How does poetry relate to the symbols of the time? Gabriel provocatively recognizes a fundamental transformation of poetics already in the work of the middle and older generations and he approaches them through more general themes such as humanity, the (post)apocalyptic approach to time, the crisis of pathos, the return to humour or the phenomenon of a new sensibility.

Article in Czech language: Konec konce světa   
by­ Tomáš Gabriel for Revue Prostor 
Article at Revue Prostor

Illustration showing a Visual combining a blurred photograph of a person leaning forward with a drawing of a male torso. Illustration: Key Visual 'Mistress of Faun Cykas' © Jakub Štourač for Revue Prostor Revue Prostor

Mistress of Faun Cykas

How does the young poet cope with the pitfalls of the literary environment? The original short story by award-winning poet Alžběta Stančáková focuses on the theme of a young girl’s relationship with an older, successful man and the difficulty of later emancipating herself from his influence.

Article in Czech language: Milenka Fauna Cykase  
by­ Alžběta Stančáková for Revue Prostor 
Article at Revue Prostor

Illustration with two sad faces in grey and blue Illustration: Key Visual 'We make jokes so we don't have to cry' © Tetiana Kostyk for JÁDUJádu

We make jokes so we don't have to cry

More than 100.000 volunteers reportedly joined the Ukrainian armed forces during the first year of the war. How many of them died in battle remains unknown. Andrej was one of them. For his widow Anna, Andrej is a hero.

Article in German language: Wir machen Witze, damit wir nicht weinen müssen 
by­ Lieselotte­ Hasselhoff­ for JÁDU
(also available in Czech & Ukrainian)
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Illustration with various animals in front of a war-damaged building Illustration: Key Visual 'Monkeys bite off their tails in fear' © Tetiana Kostyk for JÁDUJádu

Monkeys bite off their tails in fear

Dozens of Ukrainian zoos, animal shelters and nature reserves have come under attack. In just one year, Russia turned the Feldman Ecopark in Kharkiv into an ecocidal wasteland.

Article in German language: Vor Angst beißen Affen sich die Schwänze ab
by Anna Lakyza for JÁDU
(also available in Czech & Ukrainian)
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