Award of Excellence 2021/22: Poverty

The World Bank defines the extreme poor as those living on US$ 1.90 or less a day. Imagine living on US$ 1.90 a day to pay for food, clothing, your apartment, and everything else.

But what if you have a little more money to spend, but still can't afford a winter jacket, a cell phone, or a vacation? Even then, you are officially considered poor in many industrialized countries.

Goal 1. of the UN Agenda 2030 is to fight poverty in all forms. “Poverty” is consequently also the theme of our Award of Excellence 2021/22. Therefore, we would like to call on you to discuss this important topic and to show you what poverty means in this year's Award of Excellence video using the example of Mexico. 
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NEW this year are the five questions related to the video. Additionally, five more questions will also shed light on the situation in Germany. You will easily find information about the situation in Germany online.

The closing date for entries is March 15, 2022! The winners can expect a language course in Germany (depending on whether the Covid situation allows it).
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