Contest: Youth 4 German Cinema

Contest: Youth 4 German Cinema | Berlin & Beyond Film Festival © Barak Shrama

Youth 4 German Cinema takes high-school students backstage for a glimpse into the workings of the international film festival Berlin & Beyond. In doing so, students are introduced to the German language cinema landscape and learn about filmmaking, film criticism and international films as a whole. 

Chosen from a pool of applications from across the US, Canada and Central America, Youth 4 German Cinema allows select high-school students to participate in and to go behind the scenes of an international film festival; to meet industry professionals; to participate in artistic workshops; and to increase their cross-cultural awareness. Finally, they also help select the two winning films which are screened at the festival for hundreds of visiting students from across the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.

Meet a jury from Youth 4 German Cinema: