Bundesliga Total! 2021/22

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Once again, we are on the lookout for soccer experts from Canada, the US, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean to join our Bundesliga Total! competition. Build a team and battle your way to the top of your division.

FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund are once again in on the game. This season we’re proud to announce that VfL Wolfsburg has joined our team of participating clubs. Great fan memorabilia await the winners of Bundesliga Total! 

Bundesliga Total! is a soccer-themed competition offered by the Goethe Institute San Francisco. Young German learners in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean gain knowledge about the Bundesliga (German soccer league) and the German soccer teams while practicing their German language skills.  When you take part in the predicting the outcome of the games and answering questions about the selected Bundesliga game days, you earn points that could help you win the competition. You’ll find all the additional details in the terms and conditions.

Watch the video, answer the questions and guess the results of the Bundesliga matches. That’s how you accumulate points and win the championship yourself. 

The new quiz is coming soon!


Click on the group to find your team.

Position Team Score
1 Bellmont SV 67 80
2 Die Ahornbieber 70
3 Die Glücksschweine des Holdens 70
4 BA-ndesliga 68
5 Cascade Bären 67
6 Butler German Club 67
7 Delta Hasen 67
8 BlanchardBringtEs 66
9 Conval Faultiere 66
10 Deutsche Drachen 65
11 AvH Montréal 65
12 Chandler Chillihunde 65
13 Baylor Smashes 64
14 Die blauen Teufel 64
15 Cony Schafböcke 63
16 Der lustige Stuhl 63
17 Katy Zypressenseen Spartaner Plus 63
18 Ankle's Express 62
19 Alcoa TOR-nadoes 61
20 ASD Bayern 61
21 Collins Hill Adler 61
22 Cheesemakers! 61
23 Bulldogs United 61
24 Central Valley Krieger 61
25 Borussia Lebanon 60
26 Das TV Wikingerschiff 60
27 Böse Löwe 60
28 Borussia Brockway 59
29 CV Fußballer 59
30 Den Dreivater 55
31 Borussia Beastie Bälle 54
32 Bears 51
33 Die Bananen Republik 47
34 Die anderen Menschen 45
35 die Brentwood Adler 41
36 1. FC Kevin 39
37 Alcoa Tor nado 29
39 VfL Wolfsburg 23
40 Caras Galadhon 22
41 Bauer Power 21
42 SV Peacekeepers 21
43 BauerPower 19
44 Kampfbiber 19
45 Combs Coyotes 18
46 Bronco Mannschaft 18
Position Team Score
1 FC Wildprairiepferde 80
2 Herrman Hawks 76
3 FC Superschnecke 75
4 Die LS Wikinger 75
5 Adler FC 74
6 FC Hibriten 72
7 FC U-Knighted 72
8 Hopewell Bulldoggen 70
9 FC Mammutbaeume 70
10 DSHS Deutsch 69
11 Dynamo Springdale 69
12 FC Tiger 69
13 Hortonville Eisbären 67
14 Eintracht Bethel Park 67
15 FC Löwen 67
16 Eisenholz Krieger 66
17 Eisbär 65
18 Die Windhunde 65
19 FC Gunn 64
20 Dortmund Donner 64
21 FC Krankenwagen 64
22 Heiβer Nudelauflauf 63
23 Fox Chapel 61eV 63
24 Die hüpfenden Kakerlaken 63
25 Enumclaw Igel 62
26 Grover UeberJaguar 61
27 Fußball Allstars! 60
28 FC Bayern Mahopac 60
29 FC Waynesboro 59
30 FC Zugpferde 59
31 If you der 58
32 FrauGInc 58
33 DJODeutsch 51
34 Huskies 51
35 FC Deutsche Broncos 48
36 Die Schwimmbäder 43
37 Equipo de México.0 42
38 die Wilden Pferde 42
39 Frau R Raider 42
40 Gretna Drachen 41
41 FC Vergennes 41
42 FC Ayotte 21 37
43 FC SGLS 22
44 Hazelwood West FC 21
45 Bauer Power 21
Position Team Score
1 SV Nordsterne 80
2 La Canada Deutsch Klub 75
3 Matawan Magier 75
4 Team EBGIS 73
5 Skyview 73
6 Yorba Linda Rennpferde 72
7 Warren Krieger 70
8 RVMustangs 69
9 SpVgg Südforsyth Adler 67
10 Patriots 67
11 ThompsonTaeters 67
12 Siegersonnenblume 66
13 KFC (Kanadischer Fußball Club) 66
14 Sportverein Mars 64
15 Vallarta Haie 64
16 Olathe West Eulen 64
17 St Louis Scorpions 62
18 Schlaaaaaaaand 61
19 LewanGOALski 61
20 Wikinger Blitz 61
21 The Condors 61
22 Stephens Stürmer Zerstörer 59
23 Sperreng German Club 56
24 Zwerggarten FC 56
25 Ladue_Waschbären 55
26 LS Eichhoernchen 40
27 Syrup Surfers 30
28 B2d-IV. KA-2021 30
29 Shikellamy Fußball Fans 22
30 Schulz F.C 22
31 Nashoba Wölfe 22
32 Kygo 21
33 Woodbury Enten 21
34 Washington Warriors 15

Bundesliga Total! Rounds 2021/2022

1. Round: October 15 – October 22, 2021 (Deadline at 11.25 AM PDT)
2. Round: November 12 –November 19, 2021 (Deadline at 11.25 AM PST)
3. Round: December 3 – December 10, 2021 (Deadline at 11.25 AM PST)
4. Round: January 14 – January 21, 2022 (Deadline at 11.25 AM PST)
5. Round: February 18 – February 25, 2022 (Deadline at 11.25 AM PST)
6. Round: March 11 – March 18, 2022 (Deadline at 11.25 AM PST)
7. Round: April 15 – April 22, 2022 (Deadline at 11.25 AM PST)
8. and final round: May 6 – May 13, 2022 (Deadline at 11.25 AM PST)

1. Competition

1.1 The Goethe-Institut is holding the competition “Bundesliga Total!” on its website goethe.de/stepintogerman

1.2 Participation is exclusively online and is free of charge for the participants (with the exception of Internet connection charges of the participant).

1.3 The competition will run from October 15, 2021 to 13 May 2022 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time.

2. Participation

2.1 By participating, the participant agrees with these terms and conditions and the application of German law.

2.2 The competition is open to all students who are enrolled in a middle school or high school in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean at the time of the competition. It is possible to participate as an individual or a member of a team the size of which is not limited. In case of participation as a team all the team members must be enrolled in the German program of a middle school or high school at the time of the contest. A team must name two team representatives. There can only be a maximum of one team per middle school or high school. There is no maximum of team members.

2.3 Participants under the age of 18 ensure that their guardians have consented to their participation.

2.4 Participation in the contest and the chance of winning are not contingent on the purchasing of goods or use of services.

3. Implementation and execution

3.1 Teams should send an email to stepintogerman-sanfrancisco@goethe.de to participate in the contest.

The deadline to register is October 6, 2021 (11:59pm PST).

3.2 The participating teams will be divided into three groups (A, B, C). This is decided via a random selection process. Each group is assigned a team in the Bundesliga. From October 2021 to May, 2021, the teams answer questions about selected match days and guess the results of the Bundesliga matches. The teams receive points for all correctly answered questions. After every round the standings will be published on the Step into German website.

3.3 Upon completion of the competition, the winning team in each group is the team with the highest number of points. Should two teams have the same number of points, the team whose guesses of goal numbers shall be the winner.

3.4 Each winning team decides how to distribute the prizes amongst their own team.

4. Liability

4.1 The Goethe-Institut will not assume any liability of any kind for the loss or incompleteness of the data transmitted by the participant, unless the loss or incompleteness of the data is a result of intentional or grossly negligent behavior on the part of the Goethe-Institut or its staff. This will also apply to the publication of information by third parties on account of technical errors in the transmission of data and/or unauthorized access.

4.2 Irrespective of other statutory preconditions for the assertion of claims, the following exclusions from and limitations of liability will apply to the Goethe-Institut’s liability to pay compensation for damages as provided for in section 3 of these conditions of participation.

4.3 The Goethe-Institut will have unrestricted liability, provided the cause of the damage is a result of intention or gross negligence.

4.4 Furthermore, the Goethe-Institut will be liable for any slightly negligent failure to comply with material duties where the failure to comply with these duties endangers the achievement of the purpose of this contract, or for any failure to comply with duties where their fulfilment would actually make the orderly conduct of the competition possible in the first place and where the participants would usually expect them to be performed. In this case, however, the Goethe-Institut will only be liable for foreseeable damages typically associated with contracts of this kind. The Goethe-Institut will not be liable for any slightly negligent failure to comply with duties other than those specified in the preceding sentences.

4.5 The limitations of liability set out above will not apply where injury to life, the body and health is suffered, where any defect becomes apparent following the assumption of guarantees for the characteristics of a product and where defects are fraudulently concealed. Liability under the Product Liability Act will remain unaffected.

4.6 In so far as the Goethe-Institut’s liability is excluded or limited, this will also apply to the personal liability of the Goethe-Institut’s employees, representatives and vicarious agents.

5. Data privacy

5.1 The participants allow the Goethe-Institut to handle the personal data submitted to the Goethe-Instut as a part of this competition, as long as it is required for execution of the competition and/or to exercise the usage rights pursuant to section 3, in return for the chance to take part in this competition. Personal data include name, contact details and photos as well as where applicable other personal details that members of the team provide.

5.2 Disseminating the data on a third party for other purposes will not occur. Participants are free at any time to call upon the Goethe-Institut to release the data that it holds.

5.3 Participants and teams can withdraw from the competition at any time. Participants can remove their consent for storage of their data at any time and with that withdraw from the competition. The contact address for this purpose is:

Goethe-Institut San Francisco, 530 Bush Street Suite 204, San Francisco, CA 94108-3623, Subject: “Bundesliga Total!“

6. Exclusion from the competition

6.1 Staff of the Goethe-Institut e.V. and their relatives will be excluded from participation in the competition.

6.2 Persons who (i) make untruthful statements about their personal data, (ii) submit content that is illegal or incompatible with these conditions of participation, or (iii) manipulate or otherwise misuse the electronic facilities created for the competition will be excluded.

7. Premature termination of the competition

7.1 The Goethe-Institute wishes to draw attention to the fact that the availability and functioning of the competition cannot be guaranteed. The competition may be terminated or removed due to external circumstances and constraints without this resulting in any claims against the Goethe-Institut being acquired by the participants. This could include organizational or technical problems (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation or errors in the hard and/or software).

7.2 The Goethe-Institut is entitled to cancel the competition at any time without warning and without providing justification.

8. Final Provisions

8.1 Legal recourse is excluded for the execution of the ascertainment of profits .

8.2 The terms and conditions are available in German, Spanish, French and English languages. In case of any discrepancy among the four language versions, the German language version takes precedence.

8.3 Throughout the execution of the competition the associated legal relationship of the participating persons is that with the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, independent of the location from which the participants take part in the competition.

8.4 If any provisions of these terms and conditions of participation are invalid or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Kindly supported by the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) and Deutsche Welle (DW)

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