Clueso – Chicago

For copyright reasons we are unable to offer you the song via our website. You can easily find it online, though, so feel free to use our worksheet as you listen to the song in the classroom. Have fun!

The woman in Clueso’s song “Chicago” may never have made it to the Windy City. Clueso himself, however, came, saw and conquered North America!

In 2007 the Goethe-Institut invited Clueso to tour North America. In a series of interactive concert-workshops in front of enthusiastic high school students he demonstrated how much fun learning German can be if you approach it with the right (Hip-Hop) attitude. No dull book learning here! Rhythm&Poetry, Rhymes&Raps made learning German with Clueso a musical and linguistic treat.

Clueso even found time to answer some of the questions posed to him by his curious fans. Now we know that: Thomas Hübner became Clueso because as a child one of Thomas’ favorite movie characters was Inspector Clouseau. Clueso is still living in Erfurt, not known as a hotbed of German music, because of his friends. Unfortunately many of his old buddies are now leaving the capital of Thuringia to try to make it in western Germany.

The only reason why he learned how to breakdance was to impress the girls. Now Clueso feels that Hip-Hop and Reggae are somewhat limiting him in his development as an artist and he is branching out musically.