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Tyron Ricketts — Weltenreiter

Tyron Ricketts is a successful and multi-talented artist from Germany who has worked on countless projects as an actor, television moderator, film maker, speaker and musician. As the founder and managing director of Panthertainment, he produces film and series content with a focus on stories of people of color for the global market.

At the beginning of his career he produced and hosted the hip hop show “World Cup” on Viva TV. As an actor he achieved success in numerous series and film productions such as “Soko Leipzig”, “Dogs of Berlin” and “Das Rauschen des Meeres” (“The Sound of the Sea”) by Ana Rocha Fernandes and Torsten Truscheit. With short films like “Afro-German” and his involvement in the anti-racism project Brothers Keepers, he combined entertainment and political messages early on. For the German federal government, he develops integration programs such as Respect 2010 and Heimat Almanya.

As a musician, Tyron Ricketts enjoys success as a member of the band Mellowbag. The group recorded two albums between 1996 and 1999, as well as several singles and remixes. In his solo album “Weltenreiter” (“World Surfer”), released in 2012, he processes the impressions and experiences he gained during his world tour. In the song of the same name “Weltenreiter,” which we present to you here, he raps about love, longing, self-reflection and spirituality.    

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