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Luna — Blau

8 billion people, 8 billion outings.

We have something that weighs on us; a pain that haunts us right before we fall asleep. Sometimes it's thinking that you'll be letting your father down if there won't be a soccer star in the family, but rather a ballet dancer. Sometimes it's a painful secret, scars on your soul, scars on your body, the reason why you wait in the locker room until everyone else has left. Or that you've fallen in love with a person of a different gender than expected.

8 billion secrets - but LUNA puts an end to it today.

In her single "BLAU"(blue), which was released on 07/16/2021 via Treppenhaus Records, LUNA talks about her own coming out while simultaneously making a universal statement about the courage to be true to yourself. And who could do that better than LUNA, who realized early on that she doesn't fit into the image that people have of young girls in a Bavarian village, "Even in kindergarten/ I wore blue/ I only played with boys/ I didn't fit in/ Classmates, they all asked questions/ Why are you different, Ey, why am I different!" LUNA knows the desire to just fit in, but also realizes that it's not the way to go: "Wasn't always easy/ and Mama, Yeah, you know that/ At the end of the day, I don't care if I fit in here!"

"BLAU" isn't a song about resignation, but rather a powerful outsider anthem that encourages people to stand up for themselves. The driving powerpop production blurs the lines between modern rap-influenced sounds and classic songwriter arrangement, LUNA's haunting voice talks of falling down and getting up again. And thus keeps the promise of pop music, which is to give others, the freaks, the non-conformists a voice of power, and empowerment!

8 billion stories, but "BLAU" has a universal message:
"Stay true to yourself, let people talk, I did it, and I live in peace!"  

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