Die Drogen – Du bist die Sonne

Hari Bauhofer, David Roge, Lord Mäddinghausen and Louis D. are Die Drogen (The Drugs), and they have only one thing on their minds: they want people to get hooked. But not on illegal substances as their name might suggest – the four guys from Munich want you to get addicted to their music.

Founded in 2008, Die Drogen released their first single “Ganz oder gar nicht” (“All or nothing”) in 2009 when they started on their mission to break into Germany’s indie-pop scene. Their successful tour through Germany with indie-icons Art Brut in the fall of 2009 was followed by an unplugged performance for MTV. In 2010, they released their first album “Jetzt im Handel!” (“Now Available in Stores”) with12 self-written songs. The album was produced by Uwe Hoffmann who had previously worked with German rock bands such as Die Ärzte and Sportfreunde Stiller.

Hari (vocals and guitar), David (guitar), Lord Mäddinghausen (drums and percussion), and Louis (bass and piano) are definitely hooked on music: “Music is our personal drug, that’s why we want to pass it on to people. We believe that music is ten times better than any other drug. You can get addicted to us and consume us without any worries. Apart from that, we don’t take any drugs. Period.” Their pop tunes with rock and ska elements are therefore completely nonhazardous to your health. But don’t forget to put on sunscreen when you expose yourself to “Die Sonne” (“The Sun”).