Die Toten Hosen – Tage wie diese

Die Toten Hosen (literally: The Dead Trousers) were founded in 1982 in the city of Düsseldorf. They got their start during the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) when German labels were looking for bands singing in German. Die Toten Hosen coming out of the Punk movement didn’t quite fit with this mostly fun, pop-oriented sound but nevertheless became very popular with a young audience. In 1984 they were called “Germany’s Number One Punk Band.”

Through a major label deal, the band was also in high demand abroad. They were played on many college radio stations throughout the U.S. and Canada and it didn’t take long for DTH to become known as one of Germany’s top music exports. In 1996 the band founded their own label to keep control of their artistic output, merely using the distribution mechanisms of major labels.

Die Toten Hosen have always been active in social and political causes, such as the anti-nuclear movement of the 80’s, the fight against Neo-Nazis in Germany, and the campaign for social justice worldwide. They are also dedicated ambassadors of their hometown Düsseldorf, passionately supporting their favorite soccer team Fortuna Düsseldorf which they helped avoid bankruptcy.