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The Big Ponder

This transatlantic podcast explores abstract concepts and phenomena through personal radio essays. Every other week, one of our producers transforms a broad topic into a captivating story told from a U.S.-German perspective.

Kosmos Spoetzel, first official brewmaster at Shiner Bock’s Spoetzl Brewery
Courtesy of Spoetzl Brewery

Episode 42: Beer

Traffic in Los Angeles
Photo: Nicola Hofstetter

Episode 41: Traffic

Ira Karp playing the piano
Photo (excerpt) © Erica Heilman

Episode 40: The Farm

A photo from the “Offering” choir, a project dedicated to contending with both personal and collective loss
Photo: Leigh Davis

Episode 39: Grief

Portrait of Ollie Harrington by Harald Kretzschmar
Illustration: Harald Kretzschmar

Episode 38: Cartoons

Street sign of Frank-Zappa-Straße in Düsseldorf
Photo (detail): Hinnerk11, published via CC-BY-SA-4.0

Episode 37: Street Names

The Street
Photo (detail): Harald Rumpf

Episode 36: The Street

Deutsche Kriegsgefangene in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
© Stribling/Brock Archive, mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Curtis Peters

Episode 35: Hidden History

Photo: Tosca Terán

Episode 34: Sounds of Nature

Photo: Gordon Welters

Episode 33: Housing

Ann-Katrin Grimm on a swim in a freezing cold lake
Photo: Marek Iwicki

Episode 32: Firsts

Bilal Qureshi
Photo: Matthew Asada

Episode 31: Winterreise

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Photo: Allied Museum, Berlin — Dr. John Provan Collection

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