The Big Ponder

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The Big Ponder

This transatlantic podcast explores abstract concepts and phenomena through personal radio essays. In each episode, one of our producers transforms a broad topic into a captivating story told from a U.S.-German perspective.

The Big Ponder Episode 3: Radio Wanderlust
Photo (detail): © Yassine El Mansouri

Radio Wanderlust

A Cup of Coffee
© Nina Bohlmann

Culture of Coffee

The Big Ponder Episode 4: Anatomy of an Apology
Photo: Brandon Gatling

Anatomy of an Apology

Road Trip
Photo: John Paul Kesling

Road Trip

Portrait of Ollie Harrington by Harald Kretzschmar
Illustration: Harald Kretzschmar


Ira Karp playing the piano
Photo (excerpt) © Erica Heilman

The Farm

Street sign of Frank-Zappa-Straße in Düsseldorf
Photo (detail): Hinnerk11, published via CC-BY-SA-4.0

Street Names

The Big Ponder Logo
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How to Listen

Photo: Allied Museum, Berlin — Dr. John Provan Collection

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Man with sunglasses in the pool
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