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The Flag
Photo (detail): © Yassine El Mansouri

Symbol of a Nation
#6: The Flag

In both Germany and the U.S., the flag can be divisive, eliciting pride in some and unease in others. From patriotism to protest, Jocelyn Robinson explores the role that these symbols play in proclaiming who we are. More ...

Photo: Allied Museum, Berlin — Dr. John Provan Collection

U.S. Military Life in Germany
#5: Little America Revisited

Since World War II, there have been countless American GIs stationed at military bases all over Germany. Sylvia Cunningham and Monika Müller-Kroll talk with some of the people who once lived in these ‘Little Americas’ and decided to stay in Germany. More ...

The Big Ponder Episode 4: Anatomy of an Apology
Photo: Brandon Gatling

Overcoming youthful pride
#4: Anatomy of an Apology

Katie Davis tells the story of an inadvertent provocation between two boys at a teen center in her Washington, D.C. neighborhood, the conflict that developed, and the ensuing efforts to prevent it from escalating. More ...

The Big Ponder Episode 3: Radio Wanderlust
Photo (detail): © Yassine El Mansouri

Stereophonic Longings for Elsewhere
#3: Radio Wanderlust

Bilal Qureshi explores the German-English idea of ‘Wanderlust’ through his personal audio archives and conversations with fellow travelers. Does this romantic idea hold up in the age of fast travel and fleeting social media? More ...

The Big Ponder Episode 2: The Garden
Photo (detail): © Yassine El Mansouri

Everyday Expeditions
#2: The Garden

Jakob Lewis and his wife Catherine transformed their front yard in Nashville into a garden. From conception to harvest, Jakob meditates on the lessons he learned about imagination, play, and grief, all the while drawing on the wisdom of Goethe. More ...

The Big Ponder Episode 1: I Love You, I Hate You
Photo (detail): © Yassine El Mansouri

Sense of Belonging
#1: I Love You, I Hate You

“We have the right to hate Germany because we love it,” German writer Kurt Tucholsky wrote. Listening to positions from both sides of the Atlantic Sylvia Cunningham and Monika Müller-Kroll explore the love-hate relationship we can have with our home countries. More ...