The Big Ponder

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The Big Ponder

This transatlantic podcast explores abstract concepts and phenomena through personal radio essays. Every other week, one of our producers transforms a broad topic into a captivating story told from a U.S.-German perspective.

The Diary
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Episode 13: The Diary

A Hunter
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Episode 12: Hunting

Home (abstract)
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Episode 11: Home

Andreas Weinfort & Birgit Majewski in Big’s Diner
Foto: Leon Ginzel

Episode 10: The Diner

Bilal Qureshi & Geeta Patel, 2017 in New Delhi
© Marc Ohrem-Leclef

Episode 9: In Friendship

Photo: Alicia Llop © Getty Images

Episode 8: My Pen Pal

The Flag
Photo (detail): © Yassine El Mansouri

Episode 6: The Flag

Photo: Allied Museum, Berlin — Dr. John Provan Collection

Episode 5: Little America Revisited

The Big Ponder Episode 4: Anatomy of an Apology
Photo: Brandon Gatling

Episode 4: Anatomy of an Apology

The Big Ponder Logo
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How to Listen

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