Who cares about AI Ethics?

This video features two talks that provide an introduction to ethical questions regarding artificial intelligence: 

  • Mihaela Constantinescu (University of Bucharest):
    Where Is Responsibility in Responsible AI? (Video: 00:00 - 14:54)
  • Jill Toh (Racism & Technology Center):
    Addressing the (In)Visibility of Racism in AI and Technology (Video: 14:55-38:20)

From Theory to Practice

This video features two talks, providing insight into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and working with AI: 

  • Christoph Benzmüller (University of Bamberg):
    What is AI? (Video: 00:00-20:04)
  • Alexander Machado (appliedAI):
    Introduction to the Machine Learning Life Cycle (Video: 20:05-42:17)

Data Engineering Stage - Talks with a Focus on Bias and Inclusion

  • Ute Schmid (Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg): Designing Explainable AI Systems to Reduce Automation Bias and Increase Justified Trust in AI (Video timeline: 20:05-42:17)
  • Ruben Bach (University of Mannheim) and Christoph Kern (LMU Munich), Caius-Project: When Small Decisions Have Big Impact: Fairness Implications of Algorithmic Profiling of Jobseekers (Video: 15:31-32:54)
  • Atoosa Kasirzadeh (University of Edinburgh): Algorithmic Fairness and Structural Injustice: Insights from Feminist Political Philosophy (Video 32:55-54:59)

Modeling Stage - Talks on Different Ethical Dimensions

  • Lena Rickenberg (iRightsLab Berlin): Why It Matters When Mobility Data is Biased – Exploring the Gender Data Gap (Video: 00:00-19:31)
  • Buse Çetin (creative strategist, AI ethicist) and Iyo Bisseck (designer, researcher, artist): Dreaming Beyond AI (Video: 19:33-36:55)
  • David Dao (ETH Zürich, GainForest, Climate Change AI): Using artificial intelligence to help restore the natural world (Video: 36:56-55:50)

Deployment Stage - Talks with a Focus on Governance

  • Giovanni De Gregorio (University of Oxford): European Values in the Artificial Intelligence Act (Video: 00:00-16:55)
  • Christoph Benzmüller (University of Bamberg): Trusted AI through Ethico-Legal Governors? (Video: 16:56-34:10)
  • Sarah Spiekermann (Vienna University of Economics and Business): Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000 (Video: 34:11-53:19)

A Look into the Future

This session provides two different, poignant perspectives on the future of working with AI.

  • Linda Bonyo (Lawyers Hub): Europe’s Artificial Intelligence Act and its Possible Effect on Africa (Non-EU countries) (Video: 00:00-15:27)
  • Tarek R. Besold (Dekra): Ethical AI business models: Why it's hard and why it's worth it (Video: 15:28-31:44)