Summer School
AI & Ethics

In an interdisciplinary Europe-wide approach involving input talks, discussions and practical workshops, the AI & Ethics Summer School delves into the ethical issues of AI applications and provides practical tools for identifying and addressing these issues.  

The Summer School took place in the end of September 2022.
A continuation of the programme is planned, more information will be published on this page.

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Why / Where / When / with Whom?

The development of AI-based technology raises ethical issues with regard to transparency, explainability, fairness, inclusion, robustness, security and regulation, which are seldom addressed in traditional technical courses of study. The AI & Ethics Summer School takes an interdisciplinary approach featuring partners and lecturers from academia, civil society and the AI development community, to address these issues.

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Online survey We & AI © Lena Ziyal

We and AI — Living in a Datafied World

Artificial intelligence (AI) impacts almost all aspects of our online existence and also has the potential to gain increasing importance in offline areas. “We and AI” explores young Europeans' perceptions of and use of AI, social media and digital technologies in various application areas. A study of the Goethe-Institut and the Weizenbaum-Institut.

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Imagining new futures for AI

In a society that is entangled with AI, what role do young people have in developing its future? How will they choose to live with AI and how might they change it? We encounter AI in so many aspects of our lives, whether it is determining our social media feeds, finishing our emails or tracking our search history to sell to advertisers. But what agency do we have to question the amount of control AI exerts over our experiences? How well placed are we to challenge the real-world consequences, injustices and harms that AI systems can impose?  Read more