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1914-2014: Memories for a New Generation

1914-2014 | Prof. Anna Haebich: Past traces and present legancies © Goethe-Institut / suppliedOn the occasion of the QANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation Heritage Leaders’ Workshop at the State Library of Queensland, Distinguished Professor Anna Haebich reports on the experiences of German-Australians during the First World War. More...
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      Germany and Australia

      Marina Shine and Claire © Goethe-Institut Australien


      An iPad for Easter

      Prof. Johannes Fried © picture-alliance/dpa

      Johannes Fried

      About Charlemagne

      Bob Carr at book launch © Goethe-Institut Australien

      Bob Carr:

      „To an excellent teacher“

        Current Projects

        Margarethe von Trotta, 2014 (Photo: Manfred Breuersbrock)

        Interview: Margarethe von Trotta   english

        Before Hannah Arendt’s official Australian release, Peter Krausz interviewed its director, Margarethe von Trotta. Von Trotta talks about making Hannah Arendt, as well as some of the problems European filmmakers face in an American-dominated industry.
        1914-2014 icon © Public Domain

        1914-2014   deutschenglish

        The centenary of the First World War will focus the attention of the world on the event, which left an indelible mark on the history of the last 100 years.
        1914|18 2014|18 icon © Goethe-Institut Australien

        Events worldwide   deutschenglish

        With a wide variety of views and perspectives, the Goethe-Institut reflects on the implications of the First World War era.

        Bookmarks   english

        Information about German literature in Australia: exclusive book reviews and the “Book of the Month”, links to German classics, an author gallery and podcasts by German authors

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        Deutsch Online © Goethe-Institut Australien
        Register now: The next online sessions for beginners and advanced learners start 3 May. Practice real life situations online to provide an authentic context to study the German language. Registration closes 28 April. Find all details and registration information here.

        The virtual learning experience

        Peter Richter & Anna Funder on Skype™ © Goethe-Institut Australien
        Learning via Skype™ - what is it like? We spoke with Australian writer Anna Funder and her German teacher and fellow writer, Peter Richter. More...