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Welcome to 2015!

The Goethe-Institut continues presenting numerous events around Australia in 2015, ranging from lectures and panel discussions, through concerts and film screenings to exhibitions and other cultural events. Please see our event calendar for more info. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2015! More...
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      Germany and Australia


      PASCH Student meets chancellor

      Goethe-InstitutGet cracking, don't despair

      German internet culture

      Eberhard Pfeiffer, Honorary Consul - Photo suppliedWelcoming culture

      Making immigrants feel at home

        Current Projects

        1914-2014 icon © Public Domain

        1914-2014   deutschenglish

        The centenary of the First World War will focus the attention of the world on the event, which left an indelible mark on the history of the last 100 years.

        National German School Film Award 2014   deutschenglish

        The National German School Film Award 2014 for the winning entries in 2014 with the topic „Deutsch feiern“ will be held as a digital “Vote for the Winner” event.

        German Summer School in Melbourne 2015   deutschenglish

        Residential course running for 8 days designed to rapidly improve your German language skills and increase your understanding of the cultural life of German speaking countries.

        tanzconnexions   deutschenglishBahasa Indonesia[thai]Tiếng Việt

        Insights into and information about contemporary styles of dance in the Asia-Pacific region and in Germany

        Migration and Integration   deutschenglish

        Migration is changing cultures. The Goethe-Institut reflects these developments in Germany and around the world and dedicates its work to the linguistic integration of migrants.

        Step into German   english

        Enter the worlds of German music and Germany’s most popular sport, soccer.

        Bücher, über die man spricht   deutschenglishעבריתPolskičesky한국어

        New books on the German market

        Deutsch für dich − Learn German together, for free   deutschenglish

        Interactive learning games, expert chat, forum with learning tips, ask questions, help others, find learning partners and share experiences

        1914–18   deutschenglish

        Offering a wide variety of views and perspectives, the Goethe-Institut reflects on the consequences and implications of the First World War era

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        Interns wanted

        Goethe-Institut Australia seeks interns. Further information about our application process...


        Video: Enemy Aliens

        Enemy alien - three generations of Australian internees © Goethe-Institut Australien
        During the World Wars, Australia interned some 20.000 so-called enemy aliens. We interviewed contemporary witnesses.


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